I need help setting up my page. Can someone help me?

Absolutely! We would love to help you! Here are some resources you may find helpful...

Link to step by step guide for computers

Link to step by step guide for mobile set up

Link to Video walking you through set up - This video is of one of our Door Openers sharing why she chose to be a Door Opener and then walking you step by step through the set up of her page. Note that she is working on a computer so if you choose to set up on a mobile device the steps will look slightly different. 

Also, feel free to contact Kirsten Marino, Donor Relations Manager at kirstenmarino.lamb@gmail.com or (843)442-9306 for help setting up your page or any questions you might have. 

Why did you choose the term Door Opener?

This term comes from last year's Party With a Purpose theme based on Revelation 3:8 which says, “I have set before you an open door, and no man can shut it.” 

We believed then and continue to believe today, that the Lord opened the door for LAMB 20+ years ago and that no one (and no pandemic) can shut that door.  While we have a new theme this year, based on Hosea 10:12,  the "Door Opener" term still applies because the door remains open. Open for those who love LAMB to invite others to be a part of this transformational work by giving financially to support the ministry. 

We have also seen how the Lord uses LAMB to open doors for his miraculous healing in the lives of those we serve. In fact many times when we accept a premature baby or a special needs child, it is because literally no other doors are open to them and we feel Jesus calling us to bridge that gap. 

By inviting others to join us in this work, we have the opportunity to widen the doors and plant seeds of hope in Honduras.  

What do Door Openers actually do? 

Each Door Opener will be a sort of virtual table host, except that there is NO LIMIT to the number of friends and family you can invite. Each Door Opener will have their own online page. Don’t panic! We will help you with this! On your page, you’ll describe what LAMB has meant to you and then invite others:

 - To participate in a virtual online event, simultaneous to the Dinner Party with a Purpose, on Thursday night, October 21, 2021

- To come alongside the ministry by giving financially – they can give at any point along the way once your page is up – or give the night of the event.

How do I invite friends?

After you have set up your page, there will be buttons you can hit to make a gift or to ask others to give. These options include by email, text message, Facebook or Twitter. Each one will have prewritten text that you can use as a starting point, but the more personal you make it, the more likely people are to feel moved to give. 

We also like the old fashion way of asking someone face to face or over the phone to consider supporting you in something that is so meaningful to you. If you take this approach, the ask buttons will allow you to follow up with an email or text that gives them easy access to the give page. 

I collected an offline donation (i.e. someone handed me cash or a check). How can I enter it?

This is only visible if you have already set up a page. You will go to the same page where you set your page up and where you have asked people to join or give. In the menu list to the left of the page, click on the last item “ask your friends to donate”. This page will then have 4 tabs at the top, the last of which is “enter cash/check” Click on this tab and then click on the button that says “enter cash/check”. Here it will walk you through entering those gifts. For cash, it will give you the option of making a gift on your personal credit card and keeping the cash. For checks, after entering, you will need to mail them to LAMB P.O. Box 2557, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465. Please write “PWAP” in the memo line or include a note. We will verify once we have received them and at that point the donor will receive a receipt. 

I don’t think of myself as creative; what should I talk about on my page? 

Whether in the words you write on the page or in a video you post, people want to hear why you personally love LAMB. For you this might be a story from a mission trip or a history of a relationship with one of our children. It might be that you have seen first hand that we steward your financial partnership with intentionality, integrity and prayer. It may be that God has expanded your worldview on the needs of others or shown you His heart to love the least of these through your partnership with LAMB. It may even be that you love feeling like you are a part of a bigger story, one where God uses each of us to heal the brokenness in this world. Whatever the reason that comes to mind, that is why those who know and love you will feel called to give. If you need help brainstorming, we are here to help!

I'd like to learn more information about Sponsorship.

There are many different options for sponsoring the Party with a Purpose. Levels range from $1000, (Bronze) $2500, (Silver) $5000, (Gold) and $10,000, (Platinum). What a great opportunity to have your family or business recognized while impacting lives in Honduras for the Kingdom of God! Most sponsors have been families that make a donation who are willing for us to share their name to encourage and inspire community and friends to also support the event. For more information please contact us, or visit this link here. 

How do I start a team or become a part of one?

​To begin, click on "Become a Door Opener". Once you are on that page click the "Join or Form a Team" on the left menu bar. Choose which one you'd like to do. You can search for a team that's already been established or go through the steps of forming a new team. If you are forming a new team you can choose a team name and enter a fundraising goal. You can grow your team by inviting friends through email, Facebook, text message or Twitter. When you're a part of a team, your individual fundraising dollars are reflected in your team goal.