Lifeline Giving Day 2020 supporting Lifeline Children's Services
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About Lifeline Giving Day 2020

Lifeline Giving Day is a 24-hour period concentrated on raising funds necessary to continue the gospel work of caring for vulnerable children and families. This is a day to join together as partners and friends who desire to see the glory of God made manifest through adoption, family restoration, orphan care and support for the Body of Christ.

The orphan crisis never slows or stops. 

During a season of social distancing and uncertainty, the need is great. 

So, the need to work together and make hope possible is also great.

Lifeline is committed to engaging people where they are, whatever their need may be. And we’ve had the privilege of seeing their stories unfold: children in Africa who are deaf but learn to communicate and now lead within their church and community; families broken by drug addictions, reunited and healthy; children orphaned since birth placed in Christ-centered families filled with hope; and many more. We want you to join in these stories with us.


Starts at:  June 22, 2020 12:00 AM
Ends at:  June 22, 2020 12:00 AM




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Choose Your Impact

Lifeline’s mission brings us together and focuses our efforts toward one goal – equipping the body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children. However, pursuing that mission takes many different forms. This is where we see Lifeline’s five pillars of ministry come to life. 

We want to see where your passion lies on Giving Day! Choose to support a specific program, project, or need that resonates with you.

Lifeline believes that all children are valuable and deserve a permanent, loving family who displays the hope of the gospel. Our International and Domestic Adoption ministries seek to find strong, missional families for children who are eligible for adoption in 18 countries around the world. The Lord has brought Christ-centered families that have adopted small and large sibling groups, older children, children with varying degrees of special needs, and babies. Their journey can be long and challenging, so we are committed to walking alongside them before, during, and after welcoming their children home.

Last year, 212 children from 11 different countries found their forever home with Lifeline families. Adoption, however, does not end with the impact made on these children. These families not only minister to their adopted children, but to the international communities where they were born, or to the domestic birth parents that placed their child.

Finances is one of the largest obstacles eligible families face in the process of adoption. To ease this burden, Lifeline has developed the Hope Adoption Fund as a scholarship option. By designating your donation to this fund, you can help remove that barrier between waiting children and hopeful families!   

The orphan crisis is unfathomable — more than 153 million orphaned and vulnerable children with only 0.5% ever being adopted. What can you do to make an impact on the 38,000 orphans that age out of care every single day?

Partnering with Lifeline’s strategic orphan care ministry, (un)adopted®, means you’re partnering with the local church in Uganda, the local church in Colombia, or the local church in Pakistan, to name a few. By walking alongside a local body of believers, we’re empowering local believers to make a difference in the community and to care for the fatherless right next door, such as training the 1,845+ caregivers and aging-out orphans through our unique curriculum we developed in 2017. 

As believers, we’re all called to care for the orphan and widow — and (un)adopted is uniquely positioned to walk alongside the Church to fulfill this mission.

Lifeline is committed to walking with families through all phases of their foster care and adoption journey. Our Education & Counseling team strives to serve families holistically, recognizing that adoption and foster care is not an easy calling. 

From the start, all of our in-process families participate in Rooted in Love, a two-day gospel-based conference for families adopting domestically or internationally. In 2019, 196 families were trained and are now well positioned to meet the challenges ahead. 

In the middle of the journey, families have access to our educational resources, which include foster parent training, Continuing Education Units, Parent Coaching, Bridge Educational Services, and trainings built for the Church to use within individual communities. 

After a child comes home, Lifeline's Counseling team provides individual (child, teen, and adult), marriage, and family therapy for those in the pre- and post-adoption or foster placement. Our counselors are extensively trained in attachment and trauma therapies and tailor their treatment plans to meet each family’s needs. In 2019, our team served families through 900 hours of therapy.

We don’t want cost to hinder participation in our trainings, so most of our resources are offered free of charge. We rely heavily on the generosity of our financial partners to continue creating these unique resources.

When a crisis strikes for a vulnerable family, things like poverty, lack of support, or underdeveloped parenting skills can often turn a straightforward problem into a debilitating situation. Children in these families often suffer neglect or abuse, and some are placed in state custody. The number of children entering foster care has increased dramatically over the last year. At the same time, there is a shortage of available foster families. Within the states where Lifeline has active foster care ministries, more than 11,000 children are in the system with only about 4,700 licensed foster homes.​

Lifeline's Family Restoration ministry bridges the gap between local churches and local government agencies by training and helping increase the number of foster families; helping meet the needs of families and reducing the number of children entering the foster care system; and improving the retention rate of current foster families. Our goal is long-term stability for these families through our Harbor Families program in Kansas, traditional Foster Care program in Alabama and South Carolina, and Families Count™ program throughout the country.

Within the U.S., there are more than 3.4 million unexpected pregnancies each year. Millions of women are searching for options and weighing the cost of choosing life. Lifeline believes each of these women are made in the image of God. We want to empower them to choose life for their unborn child and to make an informed decision about both of their futures. Lifeline’s pregnancy counseling ministry provides 24/7 support, connections to needed resources, adoption planning, and post-placement support. At The Village, Lifeline's maternity home, women can receive housing, physical care, life skills education, and spiritual support before, during, and after the birth of her child.

In 2019, Lifeline served 539 women with unexpected pregnancies. These services are provided free of charge to the birth families. You can make an impact on these women and children through giving toward their rent, utilities, medical costs, food, transportation, and more through Lifeline's domestic fund, The Well. When we care for and meet their physical needs, abundant opportunities arise for us to share about the One who can meet their ultimate need and take on their sin and shame.