Morgan Marie Michael Foundation

About MMMF

The Morgan Marie Michael Foundation is a 501(c)3 and New Jersey registered charity supporting individuals on the autism spectrum. Founders Alyssa Lego and Amanda Witkowski  serve the community through programs which include Life after 21, the iCan iPad Learning Experience Gift Program, Sensory Gifting program, SafeCommSensory(TM) program, and Inclusion Experiences. Their mission is to enhance the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and foster a world of acceptance and inclusion for those who are differently-abled.

Why Give to MMMF

Be inspired by the difference. Autism is the fastest growing serious developmental delay in the United States. At present, 1 in 44 children have autism nationwide. In some states the prevalence is higher, for example, 1 in 35 children have autism in NJ. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined. The cost of supporting an individual with autism during their lifespan is $2.4 million in the United States. 

It is an estimated 1/3 of people with autism are nonverbal. Nearly half of those with autism wander or bolt from safety and 28% of 8 year olds have self injurious behaviors. Autism can affect the whole body including depression, sleep disorders, attention deficit, anxiety, and gastrointestinal issues to name a few. Bullying is highly prevalent challenge for individuals with autism, nearly 67% are bullied. Nearly half of 25 year olds with autism have never held a paying job yet research demonstrates that job activities that encourage independence reduce autism symptoms and increase daily life skills. Of the nearly 18,000 people with autism who used state funded vocational rehabilitation programs in 2014, only 60% left the program with a job. of these, 80% worked part-time at a median weekly rate of $160, putting them well below the poverty level. Your donation and fundraising efforts will assist through a range of programs designed to support individuals in life enhancing ways.

Who You're Helping

The Morgan Marie Michael Foundation provides direct support to individuals on the autism spectrum. 100% of the proceeds received are direct to serve to the communities in the continental United States.  

How you're helping

The Morgan Marie Michael Foundation promotes societal change turning awareness into action and acceptance. Your donations and fundraising efforts support programs which include Life after 21, the iCan iPad Learning Experience Gift Program, Sensory Gifting program, 'Friends Who are Different' school assemblies, the SafeCommSensory(TM) program, and Inclusion Experiences. The mission is daunting! But your support will help end the segregation of autistic individuals.

Where the money goes

Individuals on the autism spectrum, schools, hospitals, and child study teams are the recipients of programming, sensory gifts, equipment, and software. Fundraising, grants, and donations are applied to provisioning for as many individuals as possible. 100% of the proceeds received are direct to serve to the community.

You, Me, and Neurodiversity

"And Max, who once felt like an outsider, became a leader and advocate for himself and his friends. He continued to build his own masterpieces, each one a testament to the power of embracing diversity and celebrating individuality."

Embark on a heart-warming journey with “You, Me, and Diversity” - an educational youth book series now available on Amazon. Enjoy the first installment: “Max and the Tower of Acceptance” and prepare for a special adventure filled with valuable friendship Every purchase of You, Me, and Diversity books contributes to the mission of the Morgan Marie Michael Foundation. Join us in spreading joy, knowledge, and support for a brighter and more inclusive future!

Sensory Gift Drive

The Morgan Marie Michael Foundation has a long-standing initiative called the Sensory Gifting Program. This program aims to provide autistic students, children, and individuals with sensory-friendly toys and tools. The program was inspired by Michael Lego, who received gifts that were more appropriate for typically developing young people instead of catering to his sensory needs and interests. To address this issue, the Sensory Gifting Program collaborates with schools, youth groups, and hospitals to ensure that each recipient receives a gift that suits their unique needs, regardless of their abilities.

Every year, during the Christmas season, the Morgan Marie Michael Foundation selects a school or hospital pediatric unit to provide sensory gifts and toys for the giving season. The foundation believes in the importance of providing gifts that cater to individual needs and interests, which is why they have provided a Sensory Gift Wish List accessible through the QR code to the left. Donations are accepted throughout the year, and every contribution is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your generous support of the Morgan Marie Michael Foundation's mission to provide sensory-friendly gifts and tools to individuals with sensory needs.