Traditional 5th Year Anniversary Gift

Anniversaries carry their own special symbol. 

Wood is durable and long-lasting, symbolizing strength. Our community is strong, just like wood. Together, we can eradicate the labels and stereotypes that taunt individuals with disabilities and bridge the gap between populations that often walk in the path of strangers. 

Let's instead walk in the path of friendship. 

Here's our gift to you. 

By taking the $5 for 5 Months with 5 Friends Challenge, receive this precious wooden blossom kit constructed from natural pine wood. The wood symbolizes strength, the blossom symbolizes growth. Together we can continue to grow toward a path of true inclusion. 

"The Other Side of the Spectrum"

Our deepest thanks to our interviewees: Alyssa Faith, Andy Burns, Ben Hartranft, Chloé Hayden, Cindy Lijoi, Dawn Lego, Deborah Wertalik, Jamiel Owens, Kinsey Morlang, Lenny Tartaglia, Megan Mascaro, Shelane Mascaro. Thank you for sharing your stories. 

Credit and special thanks to our film producer, Grace Hague

The Baker's Trolley

An anniversary celebration would not be complete without cupcakes and cookies

The Morgan Marie Michael Foundation is pleased to announce its partnership with The Baker's Trolley. The dynamic duo of renowned Pastry Chef, Marlena, and prominent Chef, Matt, from Boston, MA, have created exclusive, one-of-a-kind cookie and cupcake kits specifically designed for Morgan Marie Michael Foundation's special 5th anniversary celebration. 

Purchase your kit to Strut! and Celebrate 5 years with us. 

Choose from two impressive kits:

The Baker's Trolley Cookie Kit includes twelve of the most delicious sugar cookies you've ever tasted in an assortment of jumbo puzzle pieces and infinity shapes. Kits are shipped complete with hot pink and mango orange pipped icing and a generous selection of sprinkles an confectioning for decorating fun. 

The Baker's Trolley Cupcake Kit has everything you need to decorate, eat, and repeat. Mouth watering cupcakes, hot pink and mango orange icing, and the prettiest confections complete the kit to make your cupcakes look just as good as they taste. 

Cupcakes and Cookies Kits ship at the beginning of every month based on the prior month's orders. A portion of the proceeds are donating back to The Morgan Marie Michael Foundation thanks to a sponsorship with The Baker's Trolley.  

Get a kit (or two) for yourself, a friend, or a party. It's all the sweeter when it's for the greater good. 

Family, Friends, Fans, & Sponsors

Adjust your party hat, cut yourself a slice of hot pink and mango orange cake, and get ready to blow out the candles! It's the Morgan Marie Michael Foundation's 5th Anniversary and you're invited to the celebration of a lifetime. 

In the Foundation's five years since conception, we've traveled near and far to promote the values of inclusion and respect, empower our youth to become ambassadors of acceptance, and raise funds to provide direct support to individuals on the autism spectrum. Today, we celebrate five years of connecting communities and celebrating neurodiversity. 

What are you bringing to the party?

We'd like to challenge you to accept our Five Dollars for Five Months with Five Friends Challenge

By accepting the challenge, you'll donate five dollars to the Morgan Marie Michael Foundation for five consecutive months. Since the ideas of community and togetherness have been our anchors for the last five years, we're calling you to invite five friends to do the same! 

Click the link below to start your 5 for 5 for 5 journey. 

On this special anniversary, we're reminiscing on our collection of people that inspires us to continue building the bridge between the neurotypical and neurodiverse communities. And as we reach year five, we're passing the torch to our greater communities. 

Answer the call and accept the challenge. 

Join the Five Dollars for Five Months with Five Friends Challenge today to continue the celebration.