Morgan Marie Michael Foundation

The Michael Robert Lego Scholarship Award offers direct support to individuals on the autism spectrum through December 31st, 2022. 

Individuals on the Autism Spectrum or their caregivers may apply for any one of the following gifts: 

1. Subscription to ABC Mouse
2. $50 Gift Card to
3. Sensory Stretch Body Sock
4. Hexagon, Smart, Colorful, Wall Lights
5. Subscription to Exercise Buddy
6. $30 Gift Card to Fat Brain Toys

7. $20 iTunes Gift Card

8. $20 Amazon Gift Card
Nominate your special person by sending an e-mail to: Include a brief message about why you are making the nomination and please include recipient's complete contact information to be considered for the scholarship. You may indicate one of the awards above, but we'll also inquire with the recipient for their gift of choice. Please put: "Attention Michael Robert Lego" in the subject line of your e-mail.

365 programming includes the following initiatives:

Strut! and Play - Sensory Toy Gift Program

"Friends Who Are Different" - School Based Educational Assembly

iPad iCan AAC Learning Experience Gift Program - Proving iPads and Educational/Communication Software

Sensory Inclusive Experience

'Life after 21" Support


Please inquire about our programing at: