2021 Move for the Museum Challenge

Top 10 Fundraising Tips 

Commit to a Goal

A goal is an important first step and the key to a successful fundraising campaign. We’re here to help you reach your goal by providing online assistance and fundraising tips.


Lead by Example

After setting up your fundraising page... make the first gift. It gets the ball rolling and people like to see you’re supporting your own cause!


Just Ask

Ask your friends, family, and co-workers for support. It turns out, most of them are actually more than willing to help. Think of it this way, every time you ask, you are giving your friends the opportunity to do something good for the kids and families in Santa Fe.



Keep sending messages and sharing the link to your page with friends on social media and keep everyone up to date on your progress. Go above and beyond, by asking them to share your page too!

*See sample social media posts here to get started.* When it comes to fundraising, there is strength in numbers.


Create a Competition

Invite friends to register and to start their own team. Make a bet on who can raise the most money in 36 days. Challenge them to move with you! The virtual event allows participants to be near or far!


Send an Email

One of the best and easiest ways to ask for a donation is to send an email letting everyone you know about the commitment you’ve made to help our kids.

*See a Sample here.*


Matching Gift

Check to see if your employer matches charitable donations. If so, you’ve doubled your fundraising efforts!


Throw a VIRTUAL Move Party   (i.e. a zoom happy hour, dinner party, or game night)

Encourage your group to donate to your steps page in order to participate! Zoom Party! to collect donations or just personally ask your friends to give on your page.


Say Thank You

Send a personal thank you or social media shout-out by tagging them in a message of gratitude for donating to your page. If they feel appreciated, they’ll be more likely to support your efforts in the future. Plus, others will see that their efforts matter to you!



After you receive a donation, encourage your friends to share their support on social media or ask them to move alongside you.