Musical Notes

Important Dates

Kick-off: January 27 & 28

Practice-A-Thon: February 10-23

Culver's Fundraising Night: February 28

Packet Turn-In/Prize Deadline: April 6 & 7

Awards Weekend: April 27 & 28

How much have I raised so far?

You can log in to check your progress by setting a password. Hover over the login button in the top right, and select "Email." Select "Forgot Password," enter your email, and click "Reset My Password." You'll be sent a link to set a password, and you can log in with that password any time to check your progress!

If you have any difficulties signing in or need to check your fundraising totals another way, contact

Do I need to set up a personal online page to fundraise?

Nope! You can fundraise by sharing a link to your orchestra's page! On the "Donate" page, donors can select which member's goal they would like to support. Here are the links:

Opus One Orchestra:
Sinfonietta Orchestra:
Concert Orchestra:
Philharmonia Orchestra:
Youth Orchestra:

Can our family pay WYSO the entire individual fundraising goal of $150 directly, or do we have to fundraise by writing letters or selling raffle tickets?

Yes, you can pay online through this page or by writing a check.

Do I need to wait until April 6-7 to turn in my packet?

No, you can turn it in any week of rehearsal before April 6-7.

Can I get more raffle tickets?

Absolutely! You can get more raffle tickets than the 15 from your envelope at rehearsal. Ask a staff member at rehearsal if you need more.

Donation Info

  • ​You will receive tax benefit information in a confirmation email after you donate!
  • All Musical Notes donations will be featured in WYSO concert programs in the next year.
  • If you choose to mail a check to donate, send it to: PO Box 258039, Madison WI, 53725-8039
    • Make the check out to WYSO and make sure the note says Musical Notes and whose fund you are donating towards.
    • You will then be mailed a letter with tax benefit information.
  • For Philharmonia and Youth Orchestra members, 50% of all money raised over $150 will go towards their 2025 WYSO International Tour fund (if they choose to go on the tour). If you would like to opt-in to tour fundraising, please email