St. John's Lutheran School Mustang Stampede

How do I register my student runner?
On the website's main page, scroll down until you see your child's homeroom teacher. Click on that team and then click "Student Runner Registration" - it's a red box. Follow the prompts to get your Mighty Mustang ready to run! 

Make sure you enter your STUDENT RUNNER'S name for first and last name, not yours. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have signed into OneCause for the Gala or Golf Classic, you can use the same login. If you've forgotten that password, you can easily reset it.
I have more than one child running. How do I do that?
Register your first child and get their page set up. Then, once you are finished, log out of the site (upper right corner). You will then be able to go to your next child's homeroom team and register them. 
PLEASE NOTE: Each child needs to have a different email address associated with them. 
How do I donate to a specific student?
Search for a student runner by clicking the "donate" tab at the top of the web page, then selecting "find a participant or team." 

How do I make a general donation?
Click the green "donate now" button and choose your donation. Thank you for supporting St. John's Lutheran School!

I am confused about the registration website. Is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! Email Kelly Early and she'll come to your rescue:
What are Free Dress Fridays?
Students that register for the Mustang Stampede AND raise a minimum amount will be able to participate in Free Dress Fridays (with the first one on a Thursday). Register and raise $10 in donations for the Thursday, April 1 Free Dress Day. Register and raise $25 in donations for the Friday, April 16 Free Dress Day. Register and raise $50 in donations for the Friday, April 23 Free Dress Day. 

What should my child wear to run in the Mustang Stampede?
Each homeroom class will decide on a theme for their team. Then they'll get to dress up in that theme to represent their team on run day. 

Are there prizes?
Yes! We have multiple prizes and fun experiences for the students. Read on...

Grand Prize
One Grand Prize winner will be drawn per grade (students must raise $200 or more to be entered). Grand Prize winners will get to choose their prize... will it be an Apple Watch? Maybe a Go Pro Hero 7? Disneyland Gift Card? We will have the full list of available prizes once the winners are drawn.

Class Prize
Student runners can earn horseshoes for their classroom door. Classes receive 1 horseshoe for every $50 in donations. The competition is on! The class with the most horseshoes in each grade will receive a party in a box.

Homework Pass
No homework? Sign me up! Students that collect $100 in donations will receive one homework pass. Assignment must be agreed upon between teacher and student, and used during May 2021.