National Kids Cancer Ride

Stacey Marjerrison

Stacey Marjerrison

A World Beyond Kids Cancer.

I am a pediatric oncologist. I am the person who tells families their child has cancer. Often I get to tell them their child is cured, but for 1 out of every 5 kids, I still have to say "the cancer is back, and it will take your child's life". 1 in 5 is still too many.

Coast to Coast supports so many programs that supports these families. They provide funding directly to the hospitals to make sure the kids get the best possible care and support. They support research through the C17 and POGO. They support all the kids cancer camps - at which I worked before I was an oncologist. I see the difference that all of these make in the lives of kids with cancer - this is why I'm riding.

To hear more about me, check out my rider bio on the NKCR site:

The National Ride kicks off September 4th in Vancouver and ends 17 days later on September 21st in Halifax. There's lots of great ways you can be involved:
  • You can ride all or a portion of the event with me. Be a National or Relay Rider
  • You can meet me in Calgary or Toronto and ride alongside me and the team
  • You can be a virtual rider and participate as much as you want on your own terms!
  • You can be a volunteer and drive an RV or support van across the country! OR
  • You can donate and help me reach my fundraising goal

If you want to learn more about the event check out: to register as a rider go to: and to learn about volunteering contact

Thanks so much for your support!

Stacey Marjerrison

Instagrammed at August 19, 2019 11:10 PM

To my oncology families: these are two bracelets I got from a couple of amazing teenagers who now live on in our hearts and memories. These bracelets are the only ones I have. I'd be honoured to bring a bracelet like this carrying the memory of your kiddo along with me for the #nationalkidscancerride. No matter how much my legs are burning, I will be able to look down at my arm and remember what we are biking for. 1 in 5 is still too many.

Stacey Marjerrison