2021 Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry

Welcome to Friendsgiving® for No Kid Hungry, where celebrations with your friends and family can make a difference for hungry kid across America.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1 Sign up to host a Friendsgiving, create your personal fundraising page and invite friends and/or family to your home for a holiday celebration. If you’d prefer, you can choose to host a ‘virtual Friendsgiving’ and simply ask for donations to your fundraising page.

STEP 2 We have no doubt that you can plan a fabulous dinner party, potluck dinner, cocktail party or other celebration. We’re here to help you turn it into a successful fundraiser. We will send you a fundraising toolkit to help you along the way.

STEP 3 Have fun at your celebration knowing you and your friends are raising funds to help feed the 1 in 7 kids in America who struggle with hunger!


Does my Friendsgiving have to happen in November?
No, you can host your Friendsgiving celebration anytime between September 3rd and December 31st!

What if I’m not comfortable asking my friends for money?
We completely understand and are here to help. You would be surprised how much support you’ll receive from friends if you’re fundraising for a cause you care about. All you have to do is ask. Our 5 Fundraising Tips for your Friendsgiving are available in the planning booklet in the resource center.

Do I have to host it at my house?
No. You can hold your Friendsgiving celebration anywhere. You can host your event at your own home, a friend’s place or even local restaurant or bar. Where are you most comfortable gathering with friends?

Do I have to raise all my funds from my guests?
No. Using our easy, online fundraising tools, many of our most successful Friendsgiving hosts have raised just as much money from friends and family in distant locations as they have from their Friendsgiving guests.

How do I submit my proceeds from my Friendsgiving fundraiser?
Online donations made through your fundraising webpage are automatically counted towards your total. Other donations can be submitted through your fundraising webpage or mailed in check form to: Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry PO Box 75203 Baltimore, MD 21275.

How will funds raised from my Friendsgiving fundraiser be used?
Funds raised through Friendsgiving support No Kid Hungry’s mission to end childhood hunger in America. No Kid Hungry is ending childhood hunger through effective programs that provide kids with the food they need. This is a problem we know how to solve. No Kid Hungry is a campaign of Share Our Strength, an organization working to end hunger and poverty. To learn more about the work being done through No Kid Hungry, click here.

How can I share my Friendsgiving celebration?
We would love to hear from you! Please email us photos from your celebration with a note describing your event and identifying everyone in your photo. Email us at friendsgiving@strength.org. You can post photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using hashtags #friendsgiving and #nokidhungry. Tip: be sure to tag @NoKidHungry!

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes, anyone that submits an online donation to your Friendsgiving will receive an email confirmation with his or her tax receipt. Only check donations of $250 or more that are mailed in will receive a tax receipt; unless one is requested for smaller amounts. We cannot provide tax receipts for cash donations received at your event. As the fundraiser, you cannot deduct the total that you raise since it is the total of other people’s donations.

What is your Federal Identification Number?
Share Our Strength’s Federal Identification Number is 52-1367538. A copy of our 501(c)3 Status Letter is available on our Friendsgiving Resource Center.

If you have a question that is not answered, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.