What is ‘Faces of Epilepsy?’

​This year the theme, or rather our motivation, for National Epilepsy Awareness Month is Faces of Epilepsy.  You may have heard about the '1 in 26,' but have you met them? Have you heard their stories? Have you listened to what they want and need? 

We are taking this opportunity to celebrate, honor, and recognize the people and families impacted by epilepsy to ensure our voice is clear and united in creating awareness, education, and change

We acknowledge the importance of sharing the powerful facts and statistics surrounding epilepsy—that is why this National Epilepsy Awareness Month we will share the stats, facts, AND Faces of Epilepsy. 

The purpose? To spread awareness about this vastly misunderstood disorder, to correct misconceptions, to dismantle stigmas... to remind the public epilepsy is more than a number; that THESE are the Faces of Epilepsy. ​Our goal is to create a platform for you to share your story.

Interested in adding your story to the catalogue? Please email trose@efepa.org to be featured!

November is nationally recognized as Epilepsy Awareness Month. In honor of the month, we are recognizing the REAL people who FACE epilepsy.

1 in 26 will develop epilepsy in their lifetime.

150,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

3.4 million Americans are living with active epilepsy.

110,000 estimated eastern Pennsylvanians are living with epilepsy in our region.

For many, epilepsy is more than a number. This November, we are here to share their real stories, challenges, and triumphs. Will you join us?

We believe that leveraging our community's strength can reduce the fear surrounding epilepsy and inspire action. That’s why we are asking you to Get Informed and Get Involved!

How? By utilizing November as our chance to learn more about epilepsy and the people behind the numbers. By teaching others what a seizure is and is not. By using our social media as a platform to talk about epilepsy. By planning events to gather family and friends together to share, educate and fundraise. By turning our cities and towns purple with ribbons and lights.

Use this site to familiarize yourself with epilepsy and discover ways to advocate the cause. The first step...Get Informed! Then, use your knowledge to take action and Get Involved!