Over The Edge 4 Granted 2024

​2022 OTE4Granted Testimonials:

“Over The Edge was a fantastic event! What a fun way to raise money and make dreams come true for sick kiddos. When I first heard of this event it was a no brainer for me. Being a first responder you are always an adrenaline junkie and add in helping others! Win-Win!" – Crystal Elliott

"I love working with Granted.  It is a great feeling knowing you participated in making a child  happy by helping grant their Wish. I love the things Granted does to also help the rest of the family. Over the Edge was a thrill seeking fun adventure that was awesome to participate in. My experience was made even more special because I went Over The Edge with one of our Wish children.  Alissa was brave and I helped talk her through some of her fears. It helped slow me down to enjoy the overall experience. It was really a memorable experience. I also was proud watching my wife face her fears as we were the only husband wife duo to go over the edge!" - Shane Barnes

"I was asked to be a part of the KISS group that rappelled for Over The Edge. Knowing that the money raised was going to Granted I said, “of course”!  Everyone there was great, from the OTE staff to the many volunteers!  Can’t wait to do it again!" - Kurt Behme

"It was an amazing experience to overcome my fear of heights & be apart of something so wonderful. Being able to help grant wishes with others and do something fun like this was EPIC! Looking forward to help grant wishes in the future!" - Sharon Siebenkittel

"I went over the edge to show my diseases don't define me I took power not only did I conquer my fear of heights but I saw an amazing view while doing it the adrenaline rush was amazing! I would do it again in a blink of an eye" - Alissa Brodeur (Wish Child)