Tom Hannah goes Over the Edge for 3rd year in a row!

Tom has been a huge supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters since it started back in 1988!  He has been matched to a Little 7 times in those 32 years. Here he is featured with his rappelling partner of two years, and former Little, Tony Leiter. 

Tom believes that an adult mentor can help a child succeed in life. He knows that each child has potential within them and all it takes to help that potential grow is the friendship and encouragement of some key adults in their life.

“I opted to do OTE, ONE, obviously it is a fundraiser for BBBS, so I’ll do what I can to raise money, TWO, this is a unique activity. I had never rappelled prior to this event. I said what the hell, I’ll do it.”


Big Sister Emily Kuhn does it again! 

Emily knew when she met Gillian, her Little, for the first time, that they would be a great fit! They will have been matched for 2 years this August and their friendship grows stronger and stronger each year.  Emily went OVER THE EDGE in 2019 and decided to take the challenge on again this year AND find a daring partner to do it with her. WAY TO GO EMILY! Sister Power!


It's a 3 Peat for John Avery.

When we asked John Avery why he is about to rappel for his third year in the OVER THE EDGE event, he replied, “I do it to support the kids”.  He admits he was nervous the first year, “but when you think about the smiles of the faces of the kids you are helping, it takes the fear away”, John said. He also added, “Having someone rappel with you really makes the experience unforgettable and that more enjoyable. Go out and challenge someone to do it with you to support those kids who need us by their side.”