Pineview Run Celebrity Challenge 2023

Pineview Run Celebrity Challenge 2023 supporting David's Refuge
Pineview Run Celebrity Challenge 2023

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Whether you're an avid supporter of David's Refuge, or learning about us for the first time, this event is an exciting way to cheer on your favorite driver while supporting caregiving parents.  

Each donation provides respite, resources and support to caregiving parents.  Here at David's Refuge, we care for families by caring for the caregivers.  Our programs allow caregivers to engage in the ways that are right for their family's needs.  We offer everything from respite weekends and date nights to mental health counseling, typical sibling workshops and family events and activities. 

The impact of your donation goes beyond simply cheering on your racer - Your gift reminds these caregivers, now when they need it most, that they are not alone, what they do matters and that God and our community loves them. 

About the Track

Pineview Run is New York's newest destination for the Outdoor and Auto Enthusiast.  They feature 1.1 miles of smooth race-grade asphalt dedicated to the driving pleasure of its members. Located approximately 15 minutes from Syracuse, Pineview Run is more than a road course. Pineview Run is a destination for individuals and families with an array of services and amenities, such as professional driving instructions, sports car rentals, karting, horseback riding, shooting, archery, hunting and ATV trail riding, along with snowmobiling, pond skating and cross country skiing in the winter months.

Thank you to our Event Sponsors

On June 22nd, Pineview Run will be hosting the third annual Pineview Run Celebrity Challenge in conjunction with OneGroup to benefit David’s Refuge!

OneGroup serves their clients with the same level of care that David’s Refuge serve’s their families, making the partnership an easy fit!  We have gathered 20 amazing and passionate individuals who secretly dreamed of becoming professional track drivers and/or want to have some fun to raise money to support caregivers!

With that, we hope you will consider joining cheering on the amazing drivers below by making a gift to their page and sharing this FUN Event on social media!  

Every dollar raised by these amazing drivers will shave time off their final score while bringing respite wellness and community to caregivers - That's what we call a WIN-WIN!