How Your Support Makes a Difference

Join us in support of childhood cancer  

The Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario ensures that everyone affected by childhood cancer has access to the best possible care and support—from a child’s diagnosis, through treatment and into survivorship.

Our mission is to make pajamas POGO’s visual identifier in raising awareness and much needed funds for kids with cancer—for now, for life.

Meet some of our childhood cancer champions. Their compelling stories will inspire you! 

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Thank you for your support!

Help Us Make a Difference in Childhood Cancer Care

Pull on your favourite pjs, gather the gang and share a short stack for a big cause. 

Pajamas and Pancakes is a fun and flexible do-it-yourself fundraiser in support of the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO). It is an opportunity to wear your favourite pjs and or bust out the maple syrup, all while raising funds for kids with cancer.

Why Pajamas? 

For many, pajamas means warmth, coziness, a hug at the end of a long day.

But for a child with cancer, pajamas can mean a very different thing: time living in hospital while undergoing treatment, long early morning car rides to clinic, sick at home, or missing school and playtime with friends and family.

No need to get fancy when it comes to planning an event:

- Plan a pajama day at school or work

- Organize a pancake breakfast for Pancake Tuesday (February 13) or just because!

- Add pajamas to an existing event and make it more cozy

- Great creative, anything goes!