2023 Pajamas and Pancakes


Get into your pjs! And by that we mean REALLY get into your pjs and get behind a great cause.

Here’s how you can become a Pajamas and Pancake Ambassador:

  • Register. Sign up to wear your pjs in support of childhood cancer care. Once you register you will have access to a fundraising page that you can personalize and most importantly, include a picture in your pajamas!

  • Set your goal. We think $250 is a great goal to start with, but you may want to set a more ambitious target. Most of our fundraisers are surprised by how quickly they achieve their goal and need to make a new one!

  • Choose a timeframe. Choose a week or period of time that you plan on fundraising. Don’t make it too long–you don’t want to lose momentum.

  • Share your page and the reason you are putting on your pajamas - WHY Pajamas. Send your personal page to friends and family via email and social media, asking them to make a donation so you can reach your goal. 

  • Hashtags. Make sure to include the hashtags  #pjsandpancakes  #POGO4Kids #championkidscancercare when you share any pictures, inspiring messages, etc.

Need some help? No problem! Email events@pogo.ca