2023 Pajamas and Pancakes

SCHOOL Fundraiser 

Pajamas and Pancakes is an easy, do-it-yourself program that can be customized to empower teachers and students with a creative way to raise FUNds in support of kids with cancer.

Need help getting started? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Pajama Days: Set the price and let your students wear their pajamas to school. What goes great with pajamas? Pancakes of course! So does popcorn, pizza, or whatever suits your fancy. 

Pajamas and Pancakes with The Lunch Ladies: The Lunch Lady has been catering and delivering hot and cold lunches to children since 1993 and can take care of the pancakes. For each pancake meal ordered POGO receives a percentage of the proceeds. *limited locations, please inquire 

Pancake Tuesday: Join us Tuesday, February 21, 2024 and plan a classroom or school pancake day! 

Have questions? E-mail events@pogo.ca to get more information.