Tracking Elevation & Time

  • Teams may use the tracking app of their choice to track elevation. We highly recommend the free Strava app. (Other options: Map My Run or a Fitbit).

  • The Interactive Race Map can be found HERE and Team Captains will use their bib number and the map password to update the map.

  • Team Captains are to enter their team's combined daily elevation in the Interactive Race Map with a final submission deadline of 3:59pm on Sunday, May 26th. 
    • Ex: On Friday racer #1 gained 300m, racer #2 800m, racer #3 0m, and racer #4 300m. The total entered for Friday day is 1,400m.

  • Teams can choose to compete for the ‘Fastest Team’ title. To participate Team Captains must enter the combined times of all individual team members into the Interactive Race Map by 3:59pm on Sunday, May 26th. The total elevation time is only entered once (on the Sunday dropdown option), rather than daily.