St. Louis Regional Conference

About St. Louis Regional Conference

Please note: this event has been rescheduled from it's original date to July 27th.

It’s the next step in the GBS|CIDP journey of support, education, research, and advocacy. Our Biennial National Conferences, presented by the Foundation since 1988, are an excellent way for patients to meet with medical professionals, build a network, and meet old friends for the first time. However, in response to the Biennial Symposium “off years,” we have created one-day Regional Conferences.

These regional conferences focus on bringing local resources to each destination. In the two years since the program started, we have found
incredible success, with nearly 400 patients (total) in attendance. As always, all program sessions are led by our Global Medical Advisory Board Members, physicians from local GBS|CIDP Centers of Excellence, and professionals in areas related to our conditions and members’ needs.