Run to Break the Silence 2021

Dear Silence Breakers,

After a long year with no events, we are so excited to host our 2021 Run to Break the Silence! While we typically host this event the last Sunday in April, we held out with the hope that New Mexico would open up and we could join you in person for this wonderful, family-friendly event. Thankfully, on July 1 all restrictions in our state were lifted, allowing PEI to plan the 2021 Run to Break the Silence as an in-person event this fall!

Our new run software allows you to register online as well as share your participation on Social Media. We hope this will not only streamline the registration process, but also help PEI raise more money to support children with hearing loss and speech and language delays. This year you can choose to not only participate in the run events to help break the silence, but you can also help fundraise by sharing why you run for PEI! The more people who participate and share, the more kids we will be able to give the gift of hearing and speaking!  

I want to thank you for joining us over the years and supporting this fun and memorable event. I hope we will see all of our friends in September! We look forward to Breaking the Silence together!

With Best Wishes,


Seema LaGree, Au.D.

Executive Director