Slay the Runway 2023 supporting Aubrey Rose Foundation
Slay the Runway 2023

About Slay the Runway 2023

Slay the Runway is a fun-filled fashion shows for high school and college girls and guys to model their favorite prom and after-prom outfits!*

Celebrate this epic Slay the Runway fashion runway event produced by the Aubrey Rose Foundation to help families with children who have life-threatening medical conditions.

This event is all-inclusive for teens of any shapes and sizes to put the spotlight on fun prom fashion while embracing the families that the Aubrey Rose Foundation supports.

Anyone can participate as a model or ambassador.  The only difference is that models choose to walk the runway during the show where ambassadors want to participate more behind the scene.


DATE:  Saturday, March 4, 2023 at 11am and 3pm

We’ll celebrate the successes of our many models and supporters, recognize and reward our top participants who go above and beyond, and most of all relieve the burden and stress of medical bills on families.


Starts at:  March 4, 2023 10:00 AM
Ends at:  March 4, 2023 4:00 PM


Cincinnati Music Hall
1241 Elm Street
Cincinnati,OH 45202 USA


Nancy Hollenkamp

2021 Slay the Runway! Season 1. 

Be #inspiredtomakeadifference.  

Join the journey and the movement to build our communities, promote awareness, and assist children who have life-threatening medical conditions. 

We Slay the Runway, do you?

Slay the Runway is an epic fashion runway event produced by the Aubrey Rose Foundation to help children and their families struggling with their child’s medically-fragile condition. Founders of the Aubrey Rose Foundation put the spotlight on community builders who #slaytherunway.  On February 13 and 14, 2021,  we’ll celebrate the successes of our many models and supporters, recognize our community, reward our top ambassadors, applaud the mission, and cheer our ambassadors, wishing them a stellar achievement!

Where does our celebration take place? Buckle up and take the ride to the iconic Music Hall, conveniently located in downtown Cincinnati. This epic event center offers the utmost in style and space.

Celebrate the ambassador awards, enjoy the DJ and dancing, and revel in the high fashion runway production. All that and more for spectators, ambassadors, and models.

Let's Slay the Runway, Make a Kids Day!!

How to Participate


About the Cause

The Aubrey Rose Foundation was founded in memory of our angel, Aubrey Rose. Aubrey was a very happy baby throughout everything she endured. In her honor, the foundation provides support and help for those who seek to be lifted from the complexities of life here on earth and to find a greater happiness in those things that could be. Aubrey brought a great light into our lives. Help us pass that light along. The Aubrey Rose Foundation has donated more than $1 million to families with special-needs children.


The Aubrey Rose Foundation honors Aubrey’s life with the following:

  • Awarding educational scholarships for students that have made an impact on the people around them.
  • Helping families with financial need because of their children’s medical expenses.
  • Brightening the lives of sick children and families with gifts during the holidays.
  • Promoting educational awareness for the need of organ donations.
  • Healing the World’s Hearts Program – developed by the Foundation with help from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital doctors, surgeons and corporate support to provide “simple” heart procedures to sick children in the U.S. and developing countries around the world. The “simple” procedures can be performed in the U.S. without follow-up cardiac procedures that can SAVE A CHILD’S LIFE. 

Look at what your support does!

Meet  Mikey!

Mikey is an almost 16 yr old boy who was born premature, and diagnosed with 2 very rare syndromes . He has been medically complex since birth, having numerous surgeries and hospital stays.  He is non verbal, mainly g-tube fed, and follows with over 20 specialists on an ongoing basis, including palliative care.  He has issues with every system of his body.  Most recently, he has been diagnosed with arthritis and enthesitis, making mobility very difficult.  He also has myopathy making his muscles weak (poor tone) and endurance minimal.  He can not walk distances and fatigues very easily.  Mikey deals with pain daily and is on numerous pain medications as well. Due to Covid, his water therapy had to be stopped.  Warm water helps his pain and loosens his muscles, which overall makes him feel better.  We currently only have a shower stall in our home .

Mikey's doctors agree, soaking in a warm tub frequently will help his muscles and arthritis and overall pain.  Mikey's insurance did approve a lift for his family to use for him.  A deep soaker tub will enable him to utilize this lift and be able to extend his legs, submerge his whole body (length and width needed for lift) and to help prevent further complications.

Mikey's parent found one at Home Depot that fit his lift as well as their bathroom space.  The Aubrey Rose Foundation took this information and worked with Home Depot to have this soaking tub and a floor mounted faucet to be delivered to Mikey's home.