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1.         What is the “Slay the Runway benefitting the Aubrey Rose Foundation”?

The Slay the Runway is a once in a lifetime, fun filled afternoon for girls and guys, their families & friends, preceded By 4 months of exciting preparation & memory making experiences.

2.         Why is the Slay the Runway taking place?

The Slay the Runway exists in order to raise money for the Aubrey Rose Foundation which helps SICK KIDS!  The Aubrey Rose Foundation, founded by Jerry & Nancy Hollenkamp in memory of their daughter Aubrey Rose Hollenkamp, is run by all volunteers that works tirelessly to give financial aid to families of medically fragile children.  Over the past 20 years, The Aubrey Rose Foundation has gifted over 1 MILLION DOLLARS OF FINANCIAL AID to families in extreme need due to the medical expenses of their ill children.  The Foundation also awards educational scholarships to the youth of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky & Southeastern Indiana, and developed "Healing the World's Hearts" in 2004. Along with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, local surgeons and corporate support, this program provides "simple" heart procedures to needy children in the U.S. and developing countries around the world.

3.         What type of organization is the Aubrey Rose Foundation?

ARF is a 501(C)3 charitable organization that adheres strictly to IRS charitable giving guidelines.

4.         Where does the money raised during the shows go?

Proceeds from the Slay the Runway fashion shows are used to help children and their families!

5.         Where can I get more information about the Aubrey Rose Foundation? You can visit our website at

6.         How many years has the Slay the Runway benefitting the Aubrey Rose Foundation taken place?

The shows in 2022 will be our inaugural shows for Slay the Runway benefitting the Aubrey Rose Foundation!

7.         Who can be a model in an Slay the Runway benefitting the Aubrey Rose Foundation? 

Any girl or guy in high school can model in the Slay the Runway fashion shows.

8.         How old must a model be?

Models must be a high school student ranging in ages 13 yrs. to 19 yrs. old.

9.         What size clothing do models have to wear? 

We want Slay the Runway to be an all inclusive event for all models so there are not any size restraints.

10.     Does a model have to have/provide her/his own prom/after-prom clothing? Absolutely not!  We are happy to provide the model’s outfit.  All of the clothing remains property of the Aubrey Rose Foundation or vendor we are working and will be lent to the model for her/his show.

11.     What does it cost to model in a show?

Model’s make a $100-dollar donation to the Aubrey Rose Foundation for a Model Experience in a Slay the Runway fashion show.  This $100 donation can be raised instead of paying it outright.

12.     How can the Model Experience donation be made?

The $100 donation for a Model Experience is strictly a donation and must be a cash/check/credit card donation.   Raffle or show tickets (including table purchases) and/or merchandise sales cannot be used to secure a Model Experience.

13.     What is included in an Slay the Runway Model Experience?

A Slay the Runway Model Experiences includes:

          modeling in ONE Slay the Runway fashion show

          model’s ticket to her/his show

          wearing provided clothing that meets what size the model’s needs are

          a professional photo shoot with a leading modeling industry photographer

          a professionally printed, four by six photograph from their photo shoot to take home and the same photograph featured on the big screen prior to and during intermission of their fashion show at Music Hall.

          Ten raffle tickets, a $100 value, printed in the model’s name and entered for a chance to win one of many Slay the Runway prizes drawn for following the final fashion show on January 23, 2022.

o         These raffle tickets are electronically generated with the model’s name/information and put in the hopper by our volunteers.

14.     Why would someone want to be a model?

Modeling in the Slay the Runway is a fun way to help others while making life-long memories!

15.     When are the model calls for the Slay the Runway fashion shows?

“Calling All Models” Model Call schedule is in the process of being formulated.

16.     How many 2022 Slay the Runways fashion shows are there?

There are Four (4) Slay the Runway shows in January 22 and 23, 2022, both days at 11am & 3pm

17.     When are the 2022 Slay the Runways?  Saturday – January 22, 2022 @ 11am and 3pm Sunday – January 23, 2022 @ 11am and 3pm

18.     Where are the 2022 Slay the Runways held?

Music Hall– there is a link for directions on our website

19.     After the January, 2022 shows, when is the next shows a model can be in?

Slay the Runway fashion shows will be held annually.

20.     How are the girls/guys selected for the different Slay the Runway outfits?

Models are assigned outfits based on size.  Girls can wear short dresses, long dresses and casual wear and guys will wear tuxedo’s and casual wear.

21.     Why is measuring a model important?

Our volunteers have to find an outfit that will fit each girl/guy in every show.

22.     How are models measured?

Each female model is measured around the chest, the waist and for height.  Each guy model will be measured the same way plus another/his measurement of their inseam so that we get their pants fitted correctly.  If a model has a bulky sweater or jacket on, she’ll/he’ll be asked to remove it for measuring.  We need her/his measurements to be as exact as possible. Model’s will be asked to remove their shoes because we need a height in stocking feet.

23.     How is a model selected for a particular show/outfit?

Once every model’s sizes have been put into our data base, our show slotters will assign an outfit to each model based on size and availability.

24.     Are specific shows and/or outfits guaranteed? 

We aren’t able to guarantee a model a specific show and/or outfit because of the fact that every outfit, in every show, must be filled and some outfits don’t come in all sizes.  We ask every model when registering what TWO SHOWS would they PREFER TO BE IN.  We do everything possible to accommodate this request, but again, we cannot guarantee specific show placement.

25.     What if my model isn’t available to be in a certain show?

We always ask our models and their guardians for two show dates/times that you’d prefer to be in if possible. We will make every effort to accommodate this request.

26.     How long are the Slay the Runways?

A   typical show is approximately 2 hours in length (including intermission).

27.     When will models in the shows find out the show date and time they’ve been placed in? All model homepages will be updated with the date and time of their show on Monday, 11/15/21. Model’s show day, date and time is noted on her/his model homepage.

28.     Once a model finds out her/his show date and time, what should she/he do?

Once the models homepage has been updated with her/his show date and time, the models should schedule a time to attend a “Fits & Pics” fitting/photo shoot time via their model homepage.

29.     What happens at the Slay the Runway "Fit & Pics"?

At the “Fit’s & Pics” fittings and photo shoot, all models will be notified of the outfit we’ve selected for them to likely wear in the show, will try on their outfit and will have their professional

photographs taken in their outfit.

30.     Is the outfit my model is told about and wears at the “Fits & Pics” what she’ll/he’ll wear in the show?  Most likely HOWEVER, please know and remind your model that regardless of the outfit a model is photographed in during the photo shoot, a model's outfit for the show MAY CHANGE based on many factors & is NOT GUARANTEED.

31.     Where are the 2022 Fits & Pics held?

 Slay the Runway “Fits & Pics” are yet to be decided.

32.     When are the 2022 “Fits & Pics” held? Starting on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 and multiple days after that.  Schedule to be posted later

33.     What if my model can’t make the “Fits & Pics”?

Unfortunately, if a model doesn’t attend the fitting/photo shoot she/he will not be able to try on her/his outfit and/or have her/his professional photo shoot and therefore will not receive her/his 4x6 print.

34.     If my model doesn’t attend the “Fits & Pics”, is she/he still in the show?

Yes, a model that has donated for the model experience by the deadline of 12.26.21 will still be in the show even if they aren’t able to attend their fitting/photo shoot.

35.     Can I take pictures of my model in her/his outfit at “Fits & Pics”? 

No photography is allowed of a model, in her/his outfit, during this time as it distracts our models and interrupts their professional photo session.  Only the professional photographer can take pictures of our models.  We respectfully request your attention to this detail.

36.     How do I get copies of the professional pictures that will be taken of my model?

A   ten (10) pose photo CD will be available for purchase ($50) on-line (via the model’s homepage) prior to & at the “Fits & Pics” the day of fitting/photo shoot.  This CD includes ALL RIGHTS to the professionally photographed shots of your model so you can do whatever you’d like with her/his pictures.

37.     When will my model’s included 4x6 print be available? 

Your model’s print will be available for pick up at her/his show.

38.     When will the photo CD’s be available?

If a photo CD is purchased at the Fits/Pics, you will pick up your model’s photo CD at her/his show.

39.     Is there anything else that can help me at “Fit’s & Pics”?

At the end of every Slay the Runway, we honor our models and have them all on stage to enjoy a rose ceremony.  We know your “day of show” will be filled with excitement and much to do, so we make having flowers for your model’s rose ceremony easy.  We will have 3 different rose ceremony flower options available for you to purchase while at the “Fits & Pics”, and we will arrange & bring your flowers to your model’s show.  This will save you a stop on show day and allow you to pick up your fresh, beautiful flowers as you take your seats.

40.     When can/should we buy tickets?

Once your model has been assigned a show, please purchase, and encourage family and friends to purchase, tickets as soon as possible.   Slay the Runways WILL SELL OUT!

41.     How can we buy tickets?

All tickets are purchased via a link to the Cincinnati Arts Association (CAA) website that you’ll find on our website.

42.     Does my model need a ticket to her/his show?

NO - Models in the show DO NOT NEED a ticket to their show.

43.     What happens if a show sells out?

The Slay the Runway fashion shows will SELL OUT and, due to the fire restrictions at Music Hall, we can’t seat more guests than permitted.  Once a show is sold out, there aren’t any more tickets available.

44.     What does a ticket to a show include?

Every ticket ensures a seat for the show and a delicious “Slay the Runway Spread” including non-alcoholic beverages.

45.     Do kids need tickets to a show?

Everyone needs a ticket to the show, as everyone must be accounted for with a seat according to the Music Hall safety guidelines.  Highchairs are not available at Music Hall and their ticketing policy is that everyone 3 years and older requires a ticket.

46.     Can donations made in a model’s name be used to purchase tickets?

No – we cannot take donations made in a model’s name and use them to cover the cost of tickets to the show.

47.     Are all tickets reserved seating?

Seats are selected at time of tickets purchase so yes, they are reserved seating.

48.     How do I ensure getting the best seat in the house?

Purchasing one of eleven (11) STAR Tables available per show.

49.     What does a “STAR Table” include?

A   “STAR Table” includes 10 tickets, special EXCLUSIVE Slay the Runway Fashion Show gifts and apparel, signature table and big screen signage featuring your family and/or company name/logo.  For more details, see the “TICKETS” page on our website.

50.     How do I purchase a “table”?

All tables are purchased via a link for the Cincinnati Arts Association (CAA) Tickets office website that you’ll find on our website.

51.     How/When are “Table” ticket holders seated?

All table ticket holders will be seated upon arrival. 

52.     How are General Admission ticket holders seated?

All general admission ticket holders will be seated upon arrival. 

53.     How do I purchase general admission tickets?

All tickets are purchased via a link the Cincinnati Arts Association (CAA) Tickets office website that you’ll find on our website.

54.     Do I have to have a “STAR Table” ticket to see my model?

Music Hall is a wonderful venue for the fashion shows and our layout of the arena ensures there are no “bad seats” available.

55.     How will I get my tickets? 

The Cincinnati Arts Association (CAA) Tickets office website will provide any/all ticket pick-up or delivery information

56.     What happens after “Fits & Pics”?

All models are invited to attend a “Runway Workshop”.

57.     Are Runway Workshops mandatory?

No while they are not mandatory we highly encourage models to attend a Runway Workshop as they’ll learn the basic runway skills while having fun and enjoying a boost in self-confidence & esteem.

58.     How do we schedule a Runway Workshop?

Models will schedule their Runway Workshop, similarly to how they scheduled their model call and fitting/photo shoot, via their model homepage.

59.     When do we schedule our model’s Runway Workshop?

Workshops will be available to schedule starting on Monday, November 15, 2021.

60.     When, where and how long are the Runway Workshops”?

All Runway Workshops are 1 hour in length.  Runway Workshops locations are still being planned along with the various dates these will be held..

61.     “It’s Showtime!” but when should my model arrive for her/his show?

Model’s will come to their show one hour before Showtime in order to dress and prepare.

62.     Who is with my model during the show?

Model safety is TOP PRIORITY at all Slay the Runways.  Constant, trained female supervision is provided for our girl models.  Guys models will have constant and trained male supervision during the shows.  All model’s will be with our seasoned volunteers the entire time backstage and will be very well cared for and monitored.

63.     Can I come backstage before, during or after my model’s show?

Backstage at the shows is a active dressing area with our models changing out of one outfit for another.  Therefore, we respectfully request that only our dedicated volunteers are allowed backstage during our fashion shows.

64.     What if my model has a medical need or emergency?

If your child has a medical need or emergency, an immediate exception to this rule will be made.  Please let one of our volunteers know of any model special needs as soon as possible (including allergic or diabetic concerns).

65.     What else can models do to have fun during the Slay the Runway experience?

To add to the fun, and do all we can to raise much funding to help sick kids as possible for the Aubrey Rose Foundation and their un-ceasing efforts to help families with critically ill children, we designed a fundraising contest and invite every model to join in the fun. 

66.     Who can fundraise?

Every model has the opportunity to participate and every dollar a model brings to the Slay the Runway events or fundraisers is tracked on their behalf in their model fundraising account on our website.

We also appreciate those who want to fundraise for us but does not want to model, everything works the same except for the walking the runway and so we will call these fundraisers, “Ambassadors”.  Ambassadors are able to participate in all of the fundraising prizes as models have the opportunity to participate in.

67.     Does my model have to fundraise in order to be in the show?

Fundraising is optional but the prizes we give away are awesome and, those combined with the good she’ll be doing for very sick kids and their families, inspires most models to want to fundraise.

68.     How can my model win prizes?

All Slay the Runway models can win one of many incredible prizes by selling raffle tickets and raising money for the Aubrey Rose Foundation.  We also have a leader board that acknowledges our top fundraiser, top social media leaders, top activity/raffle ticket sales and our top model recruiter.  We have amazing prizes that honors those that go above and beyond to help us help children who are medically-fragile and their families.  Our top fundraising prize will be a $1000 savings account to be used for whatever our top models wants to spend it on!

69.     How do I know that my model’s fundraising efforts are being tracked?

All model fundraising efforts are tracked by the Aubrey Rose Foundation and noted on every model’s homepage and viewable at any time.

70.     How often is the fundraising effort updated?

Model fundraising totals are typically updated within 72 hours of receipt

71.     How can my model help the foundation and raise money?

Selling Raffle tickets – models can sell various raffle tickets to neighbors, friends and family for a chance to win one of the awesome prizes we are giving away at the end of the last 2022 Slay the Runway fashion shows.  Raffle Prizes can be seen on the Slay the Runway website.

§   Models received a “starter pack” of tickets at their model call and can get more by emailing and putting “Need more Raffle Tickets” in the subject line and putting the appropriate mailing address in the body of the email.

§   Raffle tickets can also be purchased on-line via our website.

§   On-line purchasers should choose the models name that they’d like to get the fundraising credit from the drop down that’s available during the purchase process. 

§   The total value of raffle tickets a model sells will be attributed to her/his fundraising efforts.

§   Models can turn in all raffle ticket sale money and stubs at “Fit’s & Pics”, “Runway Workshop” and/or deliver them to the foundation offices (The Aubrey Rose Foundation, 3862 Race Road, Cincinnati, OH  45211).

§   The only name that goes on a raffle ticket is the NAME OF THE PURCHASER. 

Acquiring Donations – Any and all monetary donations to the Aubrey Rose Foundation and the

Slay the Runway a model secures, will go toward the model’s fundraising efforts

 o Monetary donations can be made on-line, by mail or in person.

§   When a donation is made on-line, donators should choose the models name from the drop down that they’d like to get the fundraising credit during the donation process.

§   Mailed or in person donations (write model’s name getting credit for the fundraising on the check/given when delivering) go to ARF, 3862 Race Rd, Cincinnati, OH  45211

Corporate Matching - Many companies offer donation matching programs to their employees.  As an example, if an employee makes a donation to a not for profit organization, their employer will match that donation.  Please check with your company to see if they offer corporate donation matching.

§   These donations can be made just like we explained before, and are a very easy way to help the Aubrey Rose Foundation raise money.  Plus these donations will go towards the models total fundraising.

Show Sponsorship - The Slay the Runways touch a tremendous amount of people in our area each year.  This audience is an audience that a company may like to reach.  We have various sponsorship opportunities available, at many different levels.

  • If you know of a company that would like to sponsor our shows, please contact

§   Models will receive fundraising credit for any sponsorships secured.

Writely Sew - a full service apparel printing and embroidery company, Writely Sew is owned and operated by the Aubrey Rose Foundation and donates 100% of the company’s profits to the Aubrey Rose Foundation.  Writely Sew can create hundreds of various apparel and promotional items for everyone including individuals, teams, corporations and organizations.  If your family, company or organization has a need for apparel or promotional items please visit the Writely Sew website (  It’s an easy way to get great merchandise and fundraise at the same time.

  • Purchase totals from Writely Sew will be credited to your model’s fundraising account.


72.     Where would I find paperwork that an individual or business may request when making a donation?  Everything you’ll need is located in your models page on our website.

73.     What are the fundraising prizes?

We say “Thank you” for fundraising and helping us help others with awesome prize packages that models who fundraise have the chance to win.  Stay tuned to our website as we will announce the  Fundraising Contest Prizes on-line.

74.     When does the fundraising contest end?

All fundraising efforts must be turned in on or before Friday, January 14, 2022  @ 11:59pm.

75.     I’ve attempted to make an on-line donation or payment with a credit card but it’s being declined –


We are very pleased with the fact that the company we choose to use for credit card acceptance has extremely high standards thus protecting our donors from fraud.

- 99% of the time a transaction has been declined by our system it’s because of an AVS mismatch.

76.     What is an AVS mismatch?

An AVS mismatch means that the name and entire address provided does not match the name or billing address of the card holder on file with the financial institution.

77.     What could have caused this? 

The following may be the cause:

          Perhaps you have moved & are using your new address when your old address is still on file with your financial institution.

          If you are using someone else’s credit card, you need to verify and put the exact address associated with the card

          Part of the address that you’ve included (e.g.:  apartment or suite #) isn’t included in how the financial institution recognizes your account

          Your card has a “chip” included and this chip won’t allow on-line transactions.

79.     What should I do now?

Please either re-try making certain all of the information you’ve entered was an exact match to how your financial institution recognizes you or contact your financial institution directly.

80.     Is there anyone at, or anything the Slay the Runway Show can do?

Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do.  We don’t have access to your account and won’t be given access by your financial institution.