About Hike for Hope

The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach Hosting Program brings orphans from Colombia or Philippines to stay with host families in the US for three to four weeks during the summer or winter months. This is a great opportunity for children to experience American culture and life outside of an institution, and for families to experience hosting an older child from another country. Most importantly, this is an opportunity for orphans to experience the love of a family. By opening their hearts and their homes to older orphans, host families develop a profound sense of compassion, patience, and understanding. What better gifts are there to give to an orphan or to your own family? Many families who are considering adopting an older child find that hosting is a great opportunity for them to get to know a child and experience the dynamics of the child in their family.  While many of the host families do decide to adopt the child that they hosted there are many other families who host to advocate for the child to connect to a forever family. Whether families are hosting to adopt or hosting to advocate, all families should be committed to advocating on behalf of their host child if they do not pursue adoption. An amazing 75% of the children who are hosted through our hosting programs have found their forever families because of the hosting experience. These children may never have been adopted or even had the opportunity to be adopted if it were not for the hosting program. Hosting is an amazing life changing experience for the children being hosted, but also for the families that host them!

Hike for Hope is a fundraiser set up to specifically help host families cover the costs of hosting a child. The Colombian government covers the cost of preparation and international airfare for the children for our upcoming Winter of Hope hosting program.  SPCO's costs include in-country airfare for the children and chaperones, medical travel insurance and administrative costs.  Host families are charged a fee of $1,900 to cover these costs.  However, they have an opportunity to reduce their hosting fee by participating in the Hike for Hope fundraiser organized by The Sacred Portion Children's Outreach. Each family hosting in our upcoming Winter of Hope program has formed their own team and gathered their friends and families to help them in their journey.

The funds raised through Hike for Hope are provided to the host families in the form of scholarships to reduce their hosting fees. All excess funds will go towards future hosting programs and families. Donations can be made towards specific families or towards the hosting program in general. If you would like to hike to raise money for a specific family, consider joining their team! SPCO has also created a team for anyone who wants to partake in Hike for Hope in general. We would love your support and participation as we hike for the hope of orphans finding their forever families!


Starts at:  July 31, 2021 7:00 AM
Ends at:  August 30, 2021 11:00 PM




The Sacred Portion Children's Outreach

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Don't know where to hike? Here are some of our staff's favorite hikes around Bozeman. Some of the hikes are family friendly while other are a bit of a challenge. We hope you enjoy these hikes as much as we do. 

College “M”:  A classic Bozeman hike! The students of MSU create and maintain a giant "M" on the mountain side displaying our Montana pride. The hike has an easy trail and a hard trail. Once at the top, you can see all on Bozeman. 1.9 miles

Triple Tree:  A hike full of lovely forest scenery mixed with familiar planes. This hike is easy going and is fun for the whole family. Triple Tree can be long but is an easy trail to turn around when desired. 5.4 miles at most

Middle Cottonwood Creek: A great trail that follows a pretty river as you hike. Middle Cottonwood is considered a moderate hike but might be harder for smaller kids. The trail is mostly shade and has a variety of beautiful plants which only adds to the ambiance of the river. 7.3 miles at most

Grotto Falls: Grotto is the first of many waterfalls to appear on the trial. The journey to Grotto is family friendly and the falls are fun to play in. For those who wish for more of a challenge, past Grotto is a trial scattered with a dozen waterfalls and eventually Hyalite Lake. This hike feels like a treasure hunt the further hikers go. 2.4 -15.2 miles

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