STL Cure Sarcoma Live and Virtual Run/Walk 2022 Presented by Prairie Farms

Current Committee Members


Steve Doll
Event Coordinator
I have been with the committee since the beginning and have worked on multiple aspects of the event. I am the widower of Felicia Doll, who founded the event with the help of an amazing committee. Felicia was the event's first event coordinator. I assumed the role of event coordinator after Felicia passed away in 2019 from mesenchymal chondrosarcoma. Felicia had a dream to have an event that is not only an event to make money for research, but also a place where warriors and families of warriors can come together and know they are not alone in their fight. I share this same dream and strive to keep Felicia's dream alive for many years to come. My role is to oversee the committee and their various tasks, run event meetings, work with the race timing company, and be the contact person with SFA.


Rhonda Kathalynas
Volunteer Coordinator
I have been on the committee from the beginning. My daughter is Felicia Doll, who was the event coordinator/founder of the event. I, along with some other amazing committee members, worked with Felicia during her treatments to get this event up and running. My current duties are to assist Steve Doll, the current event coordinator. I also secure the race t-shirts and make sure they are ready for the event itself. In addition, I recruit volunteers to help us at the event. And, of course there are other duties “as assigned.” I love working on this event and keeping my daughter’s dream alive.


Elyssa Sahr
I'm a synovial sarcoma survivor and met various members of this group along the way after diagnosis. I help out with securing the contracts for the park, a bit of social media posting, responding to questions from our participants, and assisting with the basket raffle.


Frani Earls
Communication Volunteer
I am one of the original committee members that helped start the race after my late husband, Nathan Earls, passed away from Synovial Sarcoma. His cancer was service connected, as he was a soldier that served in Iraq and was exposed to chemicals and burn pits. Before he passed away, I promised him that I would make a difference in this world to honor his memory and here I am today! As a committee member, I communicate with sponsors, draft letters, help with the website, and social media posts.


Launa Sellers
Accountant Volunteer
In 2010, I developed Osteosarcoma in my femur. Had a Van Ness rotation plasty and joined the committee the first year. My services include finance, record keeping, permits, and food service. I'm so blessed to be a part of this team and look forward to each new year.


Patrick Abaricia
Website Designer Volunteer
I assist the team with website updates, graphic design efforts, and IT support.

In loving memory of Former Committee Members

Felicia Doll
Former Event Coordinator/Founder
Felicia founded STL Cure Sarcoma in 2014 with the help of an amazing committee. She had a vision of making the event much more than a race and built it to where it stands today. Felicia was a leader, a warrior, and an inspiration for many. Felicia passed away in 2019 from Sarcoma. Her legacy will live on through the race for years and years to come.


Laurie Pennycook
Logistics Volunteer
Laurie was one of the original committee members and was in charge of logistics for the event. Laurie was an amazing lady and made the race run smoothly the first couple years, when it was just getting off the ground. Laurie passed away in 2016 from Sarcoma.


Gregg Baker
IT Volunteer
Gregg was a great asset to our team. He managed the website and tracking software and communications with our sponsors, volunteers, and runners. Gregg passed away in 2017 from Sarcoma.