Step Up for Down Syndrome 2023

Step Up for Down Syndrome
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: As a Team Captain, how do I manage my team?

A: Use your Team Page to collect and record donations in support of your team! You can also email all of your participants, thank donors, and more from your team page! 

Q: How do people sign up to walk with my team?
A: We received quite a bit of feedback last year that having additional attendees register to walk was difficult and inconvenient. Since we don't require anyone who is attending to register, we've deleted that option. Now, for every $35 you raise is one t-shirt you will receive AND one entry into the event you'll receive. It's completely free to attend and loved ones can now focus on donating when they visit your team page instead of trying to register. 

Q: Does the $35 per shirt and entry apply to kids?
A: Yes. This helps us cover all cost expenses of the event. However, team honorees with Down syndrome get a free shirt and entry! 

Q: What should we bring to the event?
A: Donations you have yet to turn in, any tables, chairs or tents you'd like to set-up at the event for your team, any food or drinks you'd like, and anything else to help you feel comfortable if it's hot out! 

Q: Is this a rain or shine event? 
A: Yes! Just as we celebrate Down syndrome every day of a person's life, we'll celebrate Down syndrome at Step Up regardless of the weather!

Q: Will DSAGSL help promote our team's fundraising events?
A: We will do our best to share any Step Up for Down Syndrome team fundraisers on our social media and in our e-newsletter when possible. We have a limit of sharing each event only once, since we have over 100 teams! 

Q: Are dogs allowed at the event?
A: As much as we love furry friends, some of our friends with Down syndrome may be afraid of them. We ask you please leave your furry companion at home. 

Q: How do we claim Walk in the Park tickets?
A: For every $160* your team raises is one ticket package to Walk in the Park you'll receive. The week after Step Up ends, Emily will email all teams with instructions on how to claim these tickets and how to purchase more if needed. 

*amount is subject to change based on Cardinals ticket prices. 

Q: What can I expect at Step Up for Down Syndrome? 
A: Step Up for Down Syndrome (SUDS) is a celebration for all our individuals with Down syndrome and their families! Based on the theme, we'll have games, characters for photos, DJ, food, beverages, inflatables, face paintings, etc. for you and your family to enjoy! In the middle of the event, we'll have a short awareness walk for those who would like to participate.