Suncoast Hospice Beach Stroll - 2023

Suncoast Hospice is a member of Empath Health, an integrated network of care supporting those challenged by chronic and advanced illness or dealing with grief in north central, west central and southwest Florida.

For more than 45 years, we have been honored to be Pinellas County’s only community-based hospice for expert end-of-life care. As one of the first nonprofit hospices in the country, our pioneering volunteer founders supported the dying and their families with care, compassion, dignity and comfort, so that no one would die alone or in pain.

Unified in empathy, we serve our communities through extraordinary Full Life Care for all.

Redefine healthcare as Full Life Care.

At Empath Health, we hold ourselves to an intrinsic set of values that guides our everyday actions. Each, an expression of the empathy we find essential. Each, a pathway to achieving real, human connection. Each, a demonstration of our heartfelt compassion for the full lives we serve and those we serve alongside.
  • Eternally Hopeful
We are dedicated to being a source of inspiration in people’s lives by offering renewed empowerment through choice, ongoing encouragement through positivity and personal dignity through the respect deserving of every stage in life.

  • Profoundly Helpful
We are here to provide unwavering support to ALL people, through every moment possible, with the same level of attention, understanding and insight fundamental to the great outcomes we strive to provide to everyone we serve.

  • Lovingly Truthful
We are here to offer guidance, by listening with open minds, engaging with open arms and enlightening with the genuine, open and honest communication essential to building understanding, trust and ultimately, peace of mind.

  • Confidently Skillful
We provide the finest quality care available by insisting on a level of medical expertise that’s unrivaled, a level of excellence that’s unheard of and a belief in our mission and ourselves that’s undeniable.

  • Courageously Impactful
We always strive to make a difference in every life we touch by embracing every opportunity to advocate for people’s needs, adapt to meet life’s challenges and innovate to continue a history of leading healthcare forward.

For more information, call us at (727) 467-7423 or visit