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About San Diego - Take ACTION for Psoriatic Disease

Take ACTION for Psoriatic Disease

September 30, 2023 | 10:00 AM​ | Riverwalk Golf Club
Take ACTION aims to brings the psoriatic disease community together to honor those living with psoriatic disease, connect with the community, and celebrate your accomplishments. 

The event is open to everyone from family members, friends, healthcare providers, community partners, corporate sponsors and supporters. The funds raised by this community will fund collaborative, transformational research, advocacy efforts and educational programs that help the more than 8 million people in America living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. 

How Does Take ACTION Work?

1. Take ACTION by registering to Fun-raise with a purpose

2. Form a team and recruit friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to join you

3. Encourage everyone to Take ACTION for Psoriatic Disease and fundraise

  • Share stories and fundraise on Social Media​
  • Ask for support via email/text message
  • Plan your own “Fun”draising event

4. Join the psoriatic disease community at Take ACTION-Fest, the campaign’s culmination, on September 30th at the Riverwalk Golf Club. This festival is for the whole NPF family and will include education, food, entertainment, vendor booths, an inspiring program and more!

Fundraising Milestones

To express our gratitude for your individual fundraising efforts, we have some exciting gifts for you! Raise $75, $150, $350, or $1,000+ to receive a gift at each milestone! Learn more about our Fundraising Thank You & Recognition Gifts.

Any teams that collectively raise $1,000 or more, will be considered a "Top Team"! These teams will receive a special event experience and recognition in NPF communications. Learn more about our Top Team Recognition here.

We need YOU to be the ACTION in Take Action!

Meet our 2023 Take ACTION Honored Hero, Dayna!

Hello everyone! My name is Dayna, and I am from San Diego, CA. When I was diagnosed with moderate to severe psoriasis last year, I was shocked, but I could never have imagined how much this condition would change my quality of life. Within three months after the appearance of my first few spots, flaky, bleeding, plaques took over my whole body. I felt lost – topical after topical, nothing helped. New spots would appear every day, and I no longer felt beautiful in my own skin.

However, with the help of my dermatologist, we were able to find a biologic treatment that worked for me, and I am extremely grateful to share that I have attained 100% skin clearance since then.

The psoriatic disease community, including over 8 million individuals in the United States, is built upon struggle, but strengthened by each individual’s resilience and story. With the National Psoriasis Foundation, I aim to help increase the availability and accessibility of resources supporting those with psoriatic disease, as well as foster connections between individuals of the psoriatic disease community. We are not alone in our experiences, and we deserve to feel seen. We deserve to feel like our concerns and struggles are being heard as we push for a cure for psoriatic disease.

With this, I am honored to be the National Psoriasis Foundation’s Honored Hero at San Diego’s Take Action Event on Saturday, September 30 at Riverwalk Golf Course. I look forward to joining you and other members and supporters of the psoriatic disease community, as we celebrate raising funds towards a cure for psoriasis. Sign up your team today, and I invite YOU to join me in taking action for psoriatic disease.

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