Make Digital Equity a Reality for Indiana Students - OUR GOAL IS TO RAISE $60,000 FOR #INDIGITALEQUITY
Make Digital Equity a Reality for Indiana Students

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The Digital Divide

Recent studies have shown that as many as 100,000 Indiana households do not have access to a computer at home, and 84,000 Indiana school-age children lack internet access at home.  The difference between those who do and do not have access to computers and the internet at home is known as digital inequity or the digital divide. The digital divide is an increasingly significant problem that impacts Indiana’s most vulnerable families. With eLearning being an unavoidable reality right now, students are being left behind due to a lack of digital equity. ​

Our Response

Created in response to COVID-19, our major new TEACH (Technology Education Access Comes Home) Initiative provides high-need youth across the state with computers and internet access vital for successful virtual learning.  TPF4Y has worked with Indiana Department of Education to identify high-need schools and school districts and, thus far, we have begun delivering devices the first 400 devices. 

Make a Difference!

We are actively seeking financial support to help us bring the TEACH Initiative to scale and reach our goal of serving 5,000 Indiana youth by 2022.

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