The Big Challenge

*If Facebook gives you the option to add a donate button, please do so. We will get those dollars...generally it takes one month to receive the funds.​​
The Big Challenge
I'm participating in The Big Challenge, benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana. I'm looking for a few great people to donate $____ to help us close the gap on our funding needs, due to the impacts from the Coronavirus. We need your support to serve the hundreds of Little Brothers & Sisters that count on us! 
Bowl For Kids' Sake

Donate to my Bowl For Kids' Sake team to help match more Bigs with waiting Littles in Kentuckiana. 

(Post a photo from the Grand Challenges )
This is one of many challenges that our Little's face every day.  Our Littles are __times as likely to _____________ compared to the national average. Without funding, hundreds of Littles won't receive the critical child safety monitoring, youth resiliency coaching, and family support services from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana to overcome these challenges. Please donate today.