Tour d'Epicure Niagara

Tour d’Epicure Niagara FAQs

1. I’m travelling far to participate this event - have any suggestions on where to stay? 
We're working on area-hotel discounts! 

2. When are the routes and wineries announced?

We work hard to finalise the wineries involved all spring and we always hope to have confirmations in June. However around the beginning to the middle of August we typically have all the wineries confirmed and therefore the routes determined.

3. Do I need to fundraise?
Yes! Tour d’Epicure is a fundraising event for childhood cancer programs and the minimum fundraising amount is due the day of the event. 

4. I have registered, but now can’t participate in Tour d’Epicure. What can I do?
You can receive a refund up to May 1st only or turn your registration fee into a donation and provide you with a tax receipt for it or roll it over to the next year's event. However, as of July 1st we don’t offer this donation option either. This is because many of the costs associated with executing the event have been paid for by July 1st.

5. My jersey and/or shorts don’t fit, can I exchange them?
Absolutely. As long as sizes are still available we can do our best to exchange the items on event day if it does not fit. Please keep all the labels attached to your original items if possible. Used items will not be exchanged.

6. Do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes, because safety is #1 helmets are mandatory for all our events.

7. What if I can’t meet the minimum fundraising amount?
Riders who do not meet the minimum fundraising amount by the start of the event will be asked to provide their credit card information to cover the remainder. You will have until the middle of November to complete your fundraising. If by the middle of November you are still short we will contact you ahead of charging your credit card for the remainder.

8. What if I can’t ride the whole distance?
That’s why we have route support! If you have a mechanical issue, our mechanics will do their best to help fix the problem. If you are injured or tired, our medics team will check observe you and then take you to the finish line.

9. Do I need a pledge form?
Only If you are collecting donations in cash and/or cheques from donors who are eligible for tax receipts. You may also enter these cash/cheque donations on your Fundraise & Thank you area of your account online that you created when you signed up for the event. This is the easiest and fastest way because when you submit them to us on event we will confirm them online and the donors will receive their tax receipts automatically.

10. What is considered a receiptable donation?
Donations of cash/cheque/credit card made by an individual or a company over the amount of $20 will receive a tax receipt if all the required information has been provided to us either online or on a pledge form on event day.

11. What is NOT considered a receiptable donation?
Donations made by a charitable foundation or money collected from a bake sale, lemonade stand, guess-how-many jar etc. Collective funds are not tax receiptable.

12. How do donors receive their tax receipts?
For donations made by donors directly online by credit card or paypal they are sent automatically and immediately via email.
For donations made by cash/cheque and entered online as an offline donation but submitted on event day in person by yourself, the tax receipts are sent a few days post-event when our office can confirm them. Assuming all the correct information was provided online the tax receipt is issued via email to the address provided.
For donations made by cash/cheque, submitted on event day but NOT entered online these take a little longer – upwards of 4 weeks post event for these manual entries. Provided all the correct and legible information has been provided on the pledge form the tax receipts are sent to the email address provided.

13. What is the age requirement for riders?
For Tour d’Epicure Niagara our minimum age is 19 for cyclists and volunteers.

14. Can I have a guest join me for dinner at Jackson-Triggs?
Yes! During your registration you can purchase a dinner ticket for your guest at the cost of $85. To help the culinary teams better prepare for dinner the deadline for refunds on dinner tickets is 1-week before event day. Refunds within days of the event can't be provided. 

15. What's the Friday Night Creekside Dinner?
Start your Tour d'Epicure experience early with a spectacular dinner Creekside Estate Winery in Jordan. Meet fellow cyclists, enjoy a multi-course dinner with pairings in an intimate setting. During your registration you can purchase these dinner tickets for you and a guest at the cost of $85pp. To help the culinary teams better prepare for this dinner the deadline for refunds on dinner tickets is 1-week before event day. Refunds within days of the event can't be provided.