1. Do I need to fundraise? 

Yes Please!  Tour for Kids is a fundraiser to support Childhood Cancer Canada.  The last day to submit donations for incentive prizing is September 30th

2. What do I do with cash and cheque donations I receive? 

Cash and cheque donations you receive may be entered offline in the fundraising section of your participant page and will credit your fundraising total immediately. Log into the site, then hover over your name in the top right and click on ‘Manage my Page.’ Click on ‘Fundraise and Thank You’ and go to ‘Enter Cash/Cheques’ tab. Enter your donations. 

For cash donations or cheques made out to you personally:  You may enter each cash donation separately with the donor’s name, email and home address so that they each receive a tax receipt. You can then process all cash donations to your credit card and keep the cash. You will receive a payment receipt email to confirm the donations you process on your credit card. Remember, if you receive cheques made out to you personally, rather than to Childhood Cancer Canada, please treat these as cash donations. 

For cheque donations:  You may enter each cheque donation separately with the donor’s name, email and address so that they each receive a tax receipt. You then mail the cheques to Childhood Cancer Canada at: 20 Queen St W, Box 17, Toronto, Ontario  M3H 3R3  Canada.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For donations of $20 and up, a tax receipt will be issued to the donor as long as the Name, Mailing Address, Amount and Email are included. If you receive a bulk of donations under $20 from various donors, you may enter these offline donations as a generic name, such as “generous donors”. You will not be required to enter a donor name, address or email, since no tax receipt will be issued.

3. What is considered a receiptable donation? 

Donations made by individuals or a company of $20 or more with complete mailing address information will receive a charitable tax receipt. For more information about tax receipts, please visit https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/charities-giving/giving-charity-information-donors/questions-answers-about-making-donations.html