TechPoint Foundation for Youth's 2022 Mira Awards fundraising campaign will run from

Monday, April 18 - Monday, May 2


The STEM Impact

Research shows that students' access to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) directly impacts whether they study STEM subjects or pursue STEM careers. TechPoint Foundation for Youth (TPF4Y) is on a mission to ensure ALL Indiana students have equal access to STEM opportunities, such as robotics, to inspire and empower them to pursue a relevant career.

TechPoint Foundation for Youth’s Response

TechPoint Foundation for Youth’s State Robotics Initiative (SRI) is a fun, after-school activity that has helped more than 24,000 Indiana youth embrace Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subjects. Its popularity has helped establish Indiana as a national leader in putting at-risk youth on paths to STEM careers — and it will help meet the tech ecosystem’s demands for a more diverse tech talent pool. 

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding these efforts into the classroom by offering VEX robotics curriculum to teachers and students! This will:

  • largely increase access to STEM programs to more of our priority students (girls, youth of color, and those from resource-limited situations)

  • support teachers to meet science, math, and computer science standards in an innovative and engaging way

  • give students confidence that they can be successful in STEM 

Make a Difference!

Your donation will help raise $20,000 that will be used to expand the State Robotics Initiative into 10 classrooms, reaching an additional 1,000 girls, youth of color, and youth from resource-limited homes. At the same time, it will give teachers a way to meet STEM curriculum standards in a meaningful, fun and engaging way.

To learn more about TechPoint Foundation for Youth, visit our website at www.techpointyouth.org