What is a customized team store? 

  1. A custom Web store specifically for each team will be developed and maintained by Gulf Islands Promotion
    1. There is no contract for your store.  You can close at any time.
    2. Your store is open and running 24/7/365
  2. The store will have slots for up to 20 items available for sale.
    1. These items are chosen by the Team (with some direction from Gulf Islands Promotion)
  3. Once the items are chosen, a cost factor is placed on each item
    1. The team then decides on a markup sell price.
    2. This profit is returned to the team 100%
    3. Profit checks are mailed the first month of each new quarter or custom as a team may desire.
  4. A tracker spreadsheet is made and used for tracking both sales and profits earned 
    1. As the site is maintained in house, we can use these stats to make changes as needed
    2. As a rule, quarterly updates to the site. Along with proper marketing, will help the teams to make more money.

Your store has zero upfront costs to the team, after all the intent is to raise funds, not expend them!

This program allows you the easiest way to earn funds, all you need to do is promote the web site, no collecting money, no sorting orders we take all of that away for you.  Once you pick the items and set the profit margin, you sit back and watch the funds roll in. Yes, it really is that easy!

Ready to get started? Contact Matt! 

Matthew Olivari, President

Gulf Islands Promotion

296 Beauvoir Road

Suite 100-414

Biloxi, MS 39531

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