Utah SleepOut 2023 supporting Youth Futures
Utah SleepOut 2023

Why Participate?

The Utah SleepOut event is an integral part of our ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the challenges faced by homeless youth in our community. Participants will spend a night sleeping outdoors to gain insight into the hardships faced by those without a stable home. This event not only raises awareness but also generates crucial funds to support our programs and services for homeless youth.

Thanks to our generous sponsors

The UTSleepOut raises awareness about homeless youth by giving participants an opportunity to be subjected to the adverse weather conditions experienced by many homeless youth. Since the average temperature in November is typically less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit and attendees will be sleeping under the stars, they will need to plan to bring gear to keep warm such as: sleeping bags, blankets, hand warmers, boots, gloves, beanies and other necessary items. Upon entry to our camp area, participants will receive a cardboard box to use for ground cover and to mark their sleeping area. We will be serving soup from 7:00 - 9:00 pm and breakfast at 6:00 am on Sunday. 

Unlike youth experiencing real homelessness, our participants will have access to restrooms, food, hot beverages and an indoor “Warm Zone.”

Reminder: Tents are not allowed.


Youth Futures has been a refuge for runaway, homeless and high-risk youth since the opening of our first shelter in 2015. We have sheltered a total of 440 youth (including 7 babies) for an average of 35 nights each, totaling 17,526 shelter nights. We have served 64,990 meals; conducted 4,375 shelter case management sessions, offered access to our resource rooms 4,760 times; provided 7,622 drop-in services and conducted 5,426 hours of street outreach. Youth Futures has an average family reunification rate of 46% and an overall positive placement rate of 65%.