Petrea's Pack Party

About Petrea's Pack Party

 A tribute to a cherished soul in our community.

 Petrea Thomas was a guiding light to more beings than we can count. Her joyful presence, combined with endless compassion was a force of nature. Her ability to make those around her feel seen and heard was undeniable. Petrea was a teacher, a mother, a wife and a very loved friend. The “orginal” Petrea’s Pack consisted of 8 dogs and cats that owe their lives to her. In the end, they rescued her. During her five-year battle with colon cancer, throughout the pain and sickness, and as she recovered from chemo, radiation and countless surgeries, her dogs and cats were by her side providing the love and comfort she needed to keep fighting.

Sign up to attend Petrea's Pack Party, sponsored by Fetch Pet Care and raising funds toward a matching donation of $5,000 for Petrea's Pack.  The event will take place on Friday June 24th starting at 6pm at Cellar Dog (1620 SE Claybourne St, #106A).  There will be food, beverages and vendors.  Entrance fee is $20 and all entrance fee money goes directly to Petrea's Pack and the match.  10% of proceeds from all vendors at the event also goes directly to the Petrea's Pack match and supporting WCGHS through Hike on the Dike!

Cellar Dog is a premium Portland gem. The owners have created a beautiful space for dogs and their wine-loving humans to taste a wide range of wines. All wines in stock donate to charitable causes and important organizations. They also stock art and unique products from local, animal-loving artisans.

Join us for a magical night as we add West Columbia Gorge Humane Society to Cellar Dog's list of charities and celebrate the memory of Petrea Thomas!