About Wiffle at the Hollow

The crack of plastic on plastic. The whistle of the Wiffle® ball. Grass-stained knees. 

The third annual Wiffle® Ball at The Hollow is set for its first-ever night game. 

Here’s your chance to play in a true Kansas City classic, where the tradition of Cooperstown, innocence of Williamsport and whimsy of Wiffle® come together in a dude’s front yard. 

So pull up your stirrups, smear on some eye black and bring the plastic.

*NOTE: Event will be held rain or shine. If the event is canceled due to extreme weather, donations will not be returned.

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About the Cause

Through the centuries of warfare, warriors were welcomed home from the killing fields by their communities to help them heal from the wounds inflicted on their mind, body and soul. Through feasts, songs, ceremony and rituals, they would celebrate and mourn together as one. This welcoming process helped weary warriors cleanse their souls and reintegrate back into lives of peace.

The Battle Within was founded by over 100 veterans, first responders, community leaders and supporters who believe that every warrior deserves the same opportunity to heal from the traumas they have endured in their service to others. They have come together to build a community for warriors nationwide to attend for free, a five day program built by warriors using holistic techniques steeped in ancient warrior culture and backed by modern evidence based methods.

How Your Support Makes a Difference

Each warrior faces their own battles as a result of their service to their nation and community. Ordinary people who have been continually thrust into extraordinary situations for the betterment of others. These traumatic injuries are carried in the mind, body and soul. In response, we create new defenses to protect ourselves from the shame, regret, anger, distrust or disgust these traumatic injuries have left us with.These new defenses change our mood, behavior, and how we approach relationships. With so few warriors in society to relate too, and even fewer trusted to begin the conversation, we fall further into isolation. As a result, many warriors find themselves battling divorce, strained relationships with their kids, substance abuse, and with suicidal thoughts. We are all fighting a battle within, but we don't have to fight it alone.

The Revenant Journey was created by a large community of warriors (veterans and first responders) as a place for others to come and begin to heal from their traumatic injuries while learning new skills to bring back to their life and their families for long term healing success. This free 5-day program gives warriors the opportunity to ​come together to discover what burdens them, allow them to safely face those burdens, and give them the tools to begin working at overcoming them. This holistic approach using evidence-based methods tends to the whole warrior; mind, body and soul.

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