Jen Mann + Nicole Feltz


Thank you for supporting my fundraising campaign for the Newhouse Worthy Pop-up Bar! Every dollar donated supports the 60+ children and adults who are living at Newhouse, KC’s first domestic violence shelter. Your donation helps survivors access:

  • Safe shelter + therapy for all ages
  • Our full-time Early Learning Center + childcare
  • Nourishing meals + clothing
  • Legal advocacy + transportation
  • Recovery counseling + job readiness… and more.

The Worthy Pop-up Bar celebrates the importance of self-care, empowerment, and healthy relationships – things we are ALL worthy of! This year’s event on Friday, March 1 + Saturday, March 2 will bring together more than 800 guests to enjoy delicious cocktails + mocktails, beer + wine, local food, lounge areas, inspirational messaging, and a safe + fun places where all people belong! 

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 Always remember – YOU are worthy!

Jen Mann + Nicole Feltz