2020 Shower Strike changes lives through clean water
2020 Shower Strike

About Shower Strike

Do you believe clean water is a human right?

We do, too.

Now, during the midst of a global pandemic where handwashing and hygiene are of the utmost importance, we are more committed than ever to helping people gain access to clean water. 

How lucky are we to have water that we can use to wash our hands? And clean water we can drink to help our bodies fight off illness? 

Imagine if we didn’t….. 

Like the thousands of people in our East African partner communities who are waiting for access to what many of us have within a short grasp.

Our clean water efforts are more important than ever before.

This is our opportunity to further stand together and lift each other up. We can’t back down now in the fight for clean water. And we won’t.

We hope you will join us as we press forward and continue to work around the clock to ensure more deserving people gain access to this most vital resource. For every $15 we raise, we can provide one person with lasting clean water.

Do I have to skip showers?​

No. During the coronavirus outbreak, we don’t recommend skipping showers.

Personal hygiene and handwashing are of the utmost importance right now. That's why we're encouraging you to #StrikeForWater and focus on water conservation instead.

There are many alternatives for meaningful participation (like taking shorter showers or bucket baths). What matters most is raising awareness and fundraising to change lives.

How does it work?

Volunteers across the globe unite during Shower Strike (April 19th-25th) to reduce water usage and raise awareness until they have met their fundraising goal for building clean water systems in East Africa. Our nationally-recognized fundraiser enables anyone who wants to help Well Aware’s cause make a big impact in a short time.

You can participate as an individual or as part of a team. And - we make it easy for you! We provide you with all the support, resources, and love you need to raise life-changing funds easily and have a successful #ShowerStrike.


Step 1: Join the Shower Strike. Click here to register. You can surely go solo, but aren't things more fun when done together? We recommend that you grab some friends, form a team, and get some friendly competition going! For example, talk with your HR coordinator at your office, friends, your professional networking group, or school about creating a team.

Step 2: Set your fundraising goal. We recommend $1,000, but you can set any level. Most people are surprised by how much they can raise, so we always suggest you aim high!

Step 3: Set up your page. Add a photo, tell people why you're joining the Strike, and make your profile reflective of your personality! This will help make fundraising more effective so that when people visit your page, it feels authentic to who you are and they are more inclined to give.

Step 4: Start FUNdraising! Shower Strike officially begins April 19th, but we won't mind if you get a head start!

Invite your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers to support you and donate -- either online, via text/call, or in person. You can create a bake sale, host a dinner, sell some lemonade, host a pie-throwing competition, and have some fun with events and activities that will help you raise funds!

Step 5: Celebrate when you crush your goal! 


Starts at:  March 3, 2020 6:00 PM
Ends at:  March 11, 2020 6:59 PM




Anna Provenzano

What is Shower Strike?

Every year, thousands of people go on #ShowerStrike — skipping showers, raising awareness for global water issues, and fundraising to provide more deserving people with lasting clean water. For the people that we are helping, a clean drink of water is not a guarantee. A shower is often a luxury. It's the least we can do to skip our showers for a week, so that others can survive and thrive.


Over the past 11 years, Shower Strikers from across the world have raised over $1.5 million to build sustainable water systems in East Africa, providing over 100,000 people with lasting clean water. 


Join this year's #ShowerStrike and help create a world where every human has access to the basic right of clean water. For every $15 we raise, one more person gains access to this vital resource. 

Finding yourself without water is nothing short of horror.

"Psycho" for Clean Water:

Actress and writer, Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day, teams up with director, Mo Perkins, to join us for a cheeky spoof of Hitchcock's "Psycho" to raise awareness for Shower Strike and raise more funds for Well Aware's sustainable clean water systems.

About Well Aware

Well Aware is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with headquarters in Austin, Texas that provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity and contamination in East Africa. We fund and implement life-saving water systems to drive economic development and build self-sufficient communities. 

Well Aware has a 100% success rate, compared to the industry average of 40%. Our water systems work and they last because of realistic and responsible planning and collaboration. And, our partner communities are thriving as a result. To learn more visit www.wellawareworld.org

Thank you to our incredible sponsors for changing lives through lasting clean water.

For information about sponsoring the 2020 Shower Strike, please contact Erinn Wright (erinn@wellawareworld.org) or call 512-200-7312.