2021 San Diego Cake Show Virtual Campaign

Professional Competition: Cookies/Cupcakes

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Sylviya Jankowski, #175

Dream. Explore. Discover. Undoubtedly, travel can be one of the most invaluable and inspiring adventures of our lives. Especially at the moment when travel is so difficult. Moving to a new place enriches and humbles us, proving that we do not really know that much about the world we live in. Until a few years ago I would not have thought that my life would develop in the way that is has. But recently after moving from the UK to Botswana, I encountered many challenges that have developed me. Here in Botswana, under the scorching rays of the sun, I witness daily the beautiful pristine African nature and unique wildlife, like zebras and elephants. In the stunning Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert, I marvel at verable Baobab trees from mokoros (canoes). I am also humbled by the livelihood of the San people, who have preserved their traditions to this day, including traditional basket-weaving and ancient rock paintings. I am happy and ready for more adventures to dream, explore and discover again.

For the display I used 11 hand painted biscuits, some with sculptured surfaces. All decorations are 100% edible: sugar paste, wafer paper, grated cookies and isomalt.

Brittney Thompson, #176

I decided to challenge myself to recreate the iconic "Starry Night" onto a cupcake! I used buttercream to paint and pipe on this edible canvas. 

Tasha Hunzeker, #177

Piped and handprinted Valkyrie

Brenda Garcia, #178

Cupcake cake Starry Night