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Bryn's Story

Bryn Rathweg was just 10-months old when her parents, Michelle and Josh, noticed something didn’t seem right with their daughter. Following their gut instincts, they took Bryn to the emergency room and soon learned that Bryn had developed a rare and aggressive brain tumor that required surgery immediately. The Ratheweg’s had just moved to San Diego. They were in a new city, at a hospital with only the clothes they were wearing, facing months of chemotherapy and radiation treatment for their tiny daughter. Luckily, a room was available at our San Diego Ronald McDonald House where the family could bring their older daughter and stay near Bryn as a family.

Josh recalls, “Over the next several months, the friendly faces at the Ronald McDonald House became our support. We had a safe place to cry, warm meals, and a chance to sit down and recover. It gave us an escape from the sounds and alarms going off in the hospital room."

Josh and Michelle are deeply grateful for the "home away from home" they experienced thanks to San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House. We are happy to report that Bryn recently celebrated her 10th birthday and continues to be cancer-free. She loves dancing, tumbling, and bringing great joy to her loving family.