1. Do I need to fundraise?

Not necessarily, but it is highly recommended. The R.O.C.K has raised over half a million dollars through the amazing fundraising done by our participants. You will receive 1 ballot for every $50 raised. You can donate yourself as well as well as raise pledges from others. Our goal is $25,000 and we cannot do that without your support! We thank you for it! 

2. How do I fundraise?

This system has a series of emails you can use to send out to your network - the default message provided explains the event and the cause, but you can also edit the message if you would like - with all the appropriate links required for your friends/family/co-workers to make secure online donations on your behalf. Once you have registered, you are navigated around your account with prompts so will see where you can send these solicitation emails. 

When you use the email system to solicit donations it will track the progress of those emails and let you know when you receive donations from your network. You can use the system to send them thank you emails from your account. 

3. Do I have to register online? How? 

No, you don't have to register online, but we strongly recommend it. Registering online will get you an extra ballot for the Grand Prize. Online registration also opens the door for more potential donations from people you may not see in person to collect from. Online donors also receive their tax receipt right away. Click the #ROCKRIDE-2022 in the navigation bar up top to get back to the homepage - then click REGISTER under the “Get Involved” tab. The actual registration form /manual pledge form can be found here This must be signed and handed in at registration on ride morning, regardless of online registration.

4. Is there a registration fee?

There is not a specific registration fee, but all participants must raise a minimum of $50 in pledges. 

5. What is a Yahtzee Run? Each rider (1 per bike) will receive a score card & instructions at registration.  You roll dice at each stop & the highest score at the Finale wins a prize.  

6. Can I use my previous login info?

If you are a returning participant, the system should populate some fields. Note the system does remember participants and their email address from previous years.  LOGIN first in the top right, then REGISTER for the 2022 event.  If you forgot your password, just follow the prompts. 

7. What is the cut-off for online registration / fundraising

Online registration is available until midnight on June 30th. Online donations will be cut off at midnight on June 30.  Offline donations must be submitted on ride morning at registration.

8. When will the route be available? 

Route info will be provided to participants a few days beforehand.

9. Can I raise funds offline with a pledge sheet as in previous years?

Yes, you can.  Although online fundraising is preferred, offline pledge forms are available for download. Do not record any online donations on this sheet. We will add your Online Total, Offline Total together to determine the number of Fundraising ballots, Team Totals, as well as ranking for our Top Ten Fundraisers. For cash donations collected please ensure all donor information is filled out accurately and legibly! 

10. What do I do if a cheque gets written out to me rather than the foundation?

Deposit the cheque then write out a personal cheque for the same amount to “ROCKRIDE” or “Childhood Cancer Canada”. As long as the matching pledge form you submit has the donor's information and not yours, they will still receive a tax receipt for their donation if it's greater than $20.

11. I have cash donations on hand that I want to put online, so my fundraising total is accurate. How do I do that?

CRA will not allow one person to make a credit card donation and have the tax receipt go to a different party. Therefore, offline donations must be submitted on ride morning, and it will be added to your online total. Unfortunately this means that your online total and ranking may not be accurate.

12. Do I have to attend the Finale to win Grand Prize/ Yahtzee / Top Ten? 

You must attend both morning registration and the Finale to win the Grand Prize. You must attend the Finale to get your final roll and submit your score card. You can still be in the Top Ten as long as you registered/checked in at Registration on event morning. 

13. What type of Club is eligible to compete for the Club Cup?

You do not have to be an organized motorcycle club to qualify for the Club Cup. You can form a team of coworkers, family, whomever you like. There must be at least two members registered as team-members to qualify as a team. If you have a team logo or group photo -that will help differentiate between your team page and your personal page.

14. Can a donor donate to my team as a whole, not just a single rider?

No, donations must be directed to an individual. This will benefit the team total  (for Club Cup )as well as the individual (for prize ballots & Top Ten)  

15. How do I get my picture on the “What’s Happening” gallery page of website?

Tag #rockride-2022 when you post a photo on Instagram or twitter. The photo should be on our site shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, the tag-link to Facebook is not available at this time.

16. What are Leader Boards?

The website tracks your online pledges, your tagged media posts, tagged event shares, and recruitment of new members to your team. The ranking for Fundraising may not be accurate due to offline pledges not yet accounted for.

17. Are there free event shirts?

There are free event shirts for the first 50 riders (not passengers) to check in on ride morning. 

Limited edition shirts (Tee, Long-sleeve, Tank, and Hoodie) will be available to order in early June. Funds must be transferred in advance. Pickup can be arranged, or shipping is available at a cost.

18. Do all donors receive a tax receipt? 

Yes, for donations made online of $5 and more. These tax receipts are issued immediately via the email address provided.  No, for cash & cheque donations of less than $20 - this helps to reduce event-processing expenses. For cash & cheque donations of $20 and more the tax receipts are issued up to 60 days post event day and will be emailed to the address provided or mailed to the postal address provided.  No, for donations made by a charitable foundation or collective funds raised from a bake sale, lemonade stand, guess-how-many jar etc.