Walk FAQ's

Why do we start registration so early?
While the actual walks take place on two set days in October, families affected by autism walk with and for autism 356 days a year. We want to use the extended period between the opening of registration and the actual walks to increase awareness, share and tell your stories, enjoy fun contests, and maximize your potential to raise money for your team.

Can I participate on walk day if I did not register online?

We strongly encourage everyone to register before the event.

What if I miss the walk time I am registered for?
If you miss your time slot we encourage you to participate virtually and send us your walk video.

Why does the event information say the event is from 9 am - 1 pm?
Participants can arrive at 9 am to check in.  Walk times will still be at 9:30 am and 11:00 am.  The entire event will conclude at 1:00 pm.

What about turning in walk donation envelopes & walk shirts?
Walk shirts will be available for each person registered for the Walk For Autism who raises $50 or more in donations. Fundraising envelopes can be dropped off & t-shirts will be handed out during check in.

Virtual Walkers, we will announce a few evenings to drop off envelopes and pick up t-shirts at our offices.

What is the Points Pile Up?
We know how important it is to recognize the hard work and efforts our fundraisers put into this event. You can earn points based on recruiting teammates, receiving fundraising donations, making a donation yourself, posting a photo, video or tweeting on social media about your fundraising efforts and the event using #WalkforAutismDE, and hosting your own outside fundraiser for the event! (To earn points through social media you must link your accounts on your profile page once you are registered).

Points accumulate on the Leader Board under four main categories: Fundraising, Social Media, Recruiting and Activities. You can check you progress anytime by visiting the Leaderboard under the "What's Happening" tab.

The walk participant with the most points accumulated in the Overall Leaders section in the months of May, June, July, August and September will be highlighted at the walk. (Different winner every month.) We will create your very own large walk route sign that will be displayed along the walk route for all to see!

What if it is raining on walk day?
The Walk for Autism will take place rain or shine.  Make sure to check the weather forecast before you leave the house.

Will food and drinks be made available during the walk?
Bottled water will be available on the walk route. Food trucks will be at the event selling various breakfast and lunch options.

Fundraising FAQ's

Do I need to use my fundraising page?
We encourage every participant to share their story about why this event is important to them and encourage their friends and families to participate and donate.

Will a fundraising envelope to collect donations automatically be mailed to me when I register?
No.  We are encouraging every fundraiser to utilize their fundraising page to solicit and collect donations. During the registration process you can opt in to have a donation envelope mailed to you if you would like to have one.

Can I create my own fundraising event?
Yes, we encourage teams to get creative with fundraising. You have the option to create your own event from your fundraising page. Please contact our Community and Volunteer Engagement Specialist, Susan Campbell at susan.campbell@autismdelaware.org for more information on how to properly host an outside fundraiser prior to scheduling your own event.

Should I encourage my friends to join my team or donate to my team?
Both! Once you set up your fundraising page we encourage you to send it out to all of your friends, family and network asking them to first join your team. Most often, if someone joins your team they will also make a donation. If they join your team they become another recruiter and/or fundraiser. If people do not want to join then ask them to make a donation in support of this mission and this event.

Where does all of the money go?
Funds raised go directly to Autism Delaware's statewide programs and services. 

Who should a donation check be made payable to?
Checks and money orders can be made payable to Autism Delaware.

Can I fill out online forms for corporate companies asking for a donation for my walk team?
Autism Delaware has many corporate sponsors.  We ask that you do not fill out any online forms representing Autism Delaware on your team’s behalf. If you have a connection to a potential sponsor please share the connection with us so we can support the request. We will credit your team any dollars connected to secured sponsorships.