Fundraising Tips

If you have not done so already consider customizing your fundraising page.  Tell your story - why is participating in this event important to you, how have you used Autism Delaware's services, etc. Make sure you upload a photo. Telling your story compels people to give.

Share the link to your fundraising page!  Post it on your social media pages, share through emails, send texts to friends and family. Sharing your page is a no pressure way of asking for a donation.  People inherently want to give – they just need to be asked. 

Post an update. Write an update to your fundraising page wall and tell your friends and family how your fundraising is going! 

Recruit team members. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to register as a member of your team and fundraise with you.  Have a friend that lives in Alaska? Ask them to join your team and fundraise with you.