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When and Where is the Adventuress Cup? 

The third annual Adventuress Cup will be held on Saturday, September 17th at Shilshole Bay in Seattle. Stay tuned for more details! It's very likely that the on-the-water race starts at 1pm, a livestream starts at 5pm and a Post-Race in person celebration begins at 6pm on shore.

How is this a fundraiser and what does it support?

The Adventuress Cup is a peer-to-peer fundraising event where folks reach out to their network of friends and business connections to encourage donations toward their team's goal. Sailboat and powerboat entrants are asked to make a minimum “good faith pledge” of $1,500 in tax-deductible financial support. Every dollar that is raised will directly support youth programs aboard Adventuress thanks to our dedicated Adventuress Cup sponsors. Adventuress programs reach Puget Sound area young people with powerful maritime and environmental education. The Adventuress Cup fundraiser enables Sound Experience, working with community partners in our region, to reach underserved youth including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and those otherwise unable to participate for financial reasons, or who do not traditionally have access to the waterfront.

What is the Adventuress Cup?

The Adventuress Cup is an inclusive, feel-good event that celebrates our marine environment and aims to raise critical program funds for the nonprofit Sound Experience which owns and operates the iconic tall ship, Adventuress. The event replaces the organization’s fall gala which in recent years has raised more than $150,000 to provide critical support for youth education aboard Adventuress, including its popular Girls at the Helm program.

How does The Adventuress Cup work?

Race participants can join the fun on the water or virtually as part of a real or virtual team. Team members are encouraged to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising and Wind in Your Sails pre-race challenges to improve their boat’s handicap (or score). All activities will follow safety guidelines and procedures from the CDC, USCG, and WA State Department of Health. All participating boats must meet safety and other requirements outlined in the official Notice of Race. All boats are welcome - sailboats of all sizes are encouraged to race and power boats are invited to join in a pre-race parade!

Who can race in the Adventuress Cup?
Anyone is welcome to race! Create your own team or join an existing team. Below is a breakdown

Why should I race my boat in the Adventuress Cup?

September 20, 2020 was the inaugural year of an exciting new sailing race that brought people and sailboats together in Shilshole Bay – in a Covid-safe way – to compete, to celebrate the extraordinary Salish Sea marine environment and to raise funds to support the youth mission of the iconic schooner Adventuress. The 1913 gaff-rigged schooner is owned and operated by the nonprofit Sound Experience. Over the past thirty years, some 40,000 children and teens have climbed aboard Adventuress for powerful day and overnight programming. Together, young people raise the sails, take the helm and learn how our daily actions make a difference in the health of our waterways and oceans. As important, they experience what it means to be a shipmate.

Is this a REAL race/regatta?

Yes! This is a one-day “around the buoys” racing event which will include multiple starts that split the fleet into similar sized groups. The race will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing. Race scoring will be comprised of:

1) On-the-water race results
2) Pre-race “challenge points" called Wind n Your Sails Challenges
3) Fundraising

What kind of boat can participate on the on-the-water race?

We have the boats split into four divisions.
1) Flying Sails (with spinnakers)
2) No Flying Sails (no spinnakers)
3) Sailing dinghies
4) Powerboats

How do Powerboats participate in the Adventuress Cup?

To help kick off the race, registered power boats can join in a pre-race parade! This will include a single file procession that will go by schooner the Adventuress, tour the sailboat race course and will end in special viewing areas designated for power boats so that you can enjoy the race up close.

How much does it cost to race?

Registration fees are as follows:
1) Sail – both classes $100
2) Powerboat $100
3) Dinghy $30
4) Virtual $30

How do I sign up?

Simply visit The Adventuress Cup webpage to sign up and learn more! Start your own team or join an existing team when registration opens on May 2nd. You'll be able to set up and personalize your fundraising page so that your crew, friends, family and colleagues can donate or complete challenges to earn your team points. Are you going to be at the top of the leaderboard this year?

What is included in the Skippers packet?

Included with your registration fee, Skipper’s Packets include an exclusive event t-shirt for the skipper (during registration, there is an opportunity to purchase additional shirts for crew, friends or family). Teams of physical boats will also get an exclusive race pennant/burgee that you can fly from your boat during the race.

Is there a way to watch the race if I'm not on a boat?

Yes! We use the  Kwindoo app & live updates via social media from Adventuress.

Is there a party after the race?

Yes! Details are still being put together, but skippers and their crew (both physical and virtual boats) are welcome to join us for the post-race party. Stay tuned for more information.

How can I learn more about what's happened on programs aboard the ship this year?

Please explore our social media, sign up for our E-Newsletter, and tune into our pre-recorded live stream on race day.


What if I can’t afford to make a donation but I want to support a team and Sound Experience’s mission?

Check out our Wind in Your Sails Challenges! There are a variety of simple and more complex activities that you can do around your home or your community to learn about the marine environment and maritime that will earn the team of your choice points towards their total.

How is The Adventuress Cup "Covid safe"?

All Adventuress Cup activities will follow safety guidelines and procedures from the CDC, USCG, and WA State Department of Health. To learn more about Sound Experience's policies and practices around Covid-19 please visit our Covid-19 Practices webpage.