2023 Team IMPACT All In 5k


  • What does All In ‘Anywhere’ mean?

    • All In Anywhere is our ‘virtual’ participation offering. This means that you may be participating by yourself or you may be grabbing a few friends or teammates to walk / run / roll with you.

  • What is a hub location?
    • All In 5K hub locations, presented by Campus Apartments, are locations that include a formal route and other elements. For example, the Philly hub location will be managed as an actual race. Our current hub locations include Philadelphia.
  • Do I have to join a hub location if I live in that area?
    • No. If you do not want to walk in-person with others in Philadelphia, register as an individual or join / start a team and then ‘All In Anywhere’ as your event location.
  • What is the difference between registering as an individual or being a part of a team?
    • If you plan to raise money with others as part of a team, you should join a team. Teams are often formed in or memory of a friend or loved one, or to represent a school team, company, group or family. You will receive and can use a personal fundraising page whether you register as an individual or a team. Instructions for how to register as an individual are here and instructions on how to join or start a team are here.
  • How do I register as an individual?
    • On the event page, click “Register as an Individual”, select if you are participating from one of our Hub locations or ‘anywhere’, and follow the prompts. Step by step directions can be found here.
  • How do I register as part of a team?
    • On the event page, click “Join or Start a Team”, select if you are participating from one of our Hub locations or ‘anywhere’, and follow the prompts. Step by step directions can be found here.


  • Where does our money go?
    • Dollars raised for the Team IMPACT All In 5K supports our mission to get all kids in the game. You can fund specific initiatives within the Team IMPACT program as described here.
  • How do I ask for donations from my friends and family?
    • We have email templates and social media graphics you can use to promote your individual fundraising page that can be found in our participant toolkit here.
  • When does fundraising for the All In 5K end?
    • To be considered for one of our fundraising incentive winners, donations must be complete by 11:59PM EST on Monday, October 2. Fundraising pages will stay open through 11:59PM EST Sunday, October 8.
  • What happens if I don’t reach my fundraising goal / team minimum?
    • Nothing. You can, and should, still participate in the All In 5K. Goals are set to motivate you and/or your team members and supporters.
  • Can someone donate to my team or individual participation?
    • Yes. Whether you registered as an individual, or part of a team, people can donate to you or your team directly, without having to participate in the 5K themselves.


  • Can members of a team participate from both a hub location and from All In Anywhere?
    • Yes! If your team is set up to be associated with All In Anywhere but you live and would like to participate at one of our hub locations, you can register for both.
  • Do I have to participate with all of my team members if I’m part of a team?
    • No! In many instances, teams will have members in various locations. All individuals part of a team can fundraise towards a team goal, but no one is required to walk / run / roll together.
  • Can we make our own team apparel?
    • Yes! Team IMPACT and All In 5K logos can be found here. Please do not alter or change the color of our logos. If you would like to create gear, please send a mockup of the gear / apparel to marketing@teamimpact.org for approval of logo usage.
  • My whole family wants to participate. Does everyone have to register?
    • Yes, every member of your family is an important part of our nationwide community, so we ask that all participants over the age of 18 register.


  • Do I have to complete a 5K to participate?
    • No! If you would like to just fundraise for the 5K, please register as an individual or a part of a team, click which ‘event’ you would like to be associated with (Anywhere, Philly, or other hub), and you will receive a personal fundraising page that you can collect donations for. If you would like to just make a donation and not fundraise from others, simply select the ‘Donate’ option on the main page or within a team.
  • What happens if it rains?
    • For All In Anywhere participants, if it rains and you are unable to walk / run / roll, select a different day to participate.
  • Do I receive anything for participating?
    • All In Anywhere participants receive a virtual bib. All In Philly participants receive a race bib. The first 1,000 people to fundraise $50 will receive a Team IMPACT hat.
  • Do I have to complete my 5K on October 1?
    • We encourage you to complete the 5K on October 1. If circumstances do not allow you to participate that day, choose another day(s) and time that works for you!