Audubon Rockies

About Audubon Rockies

Whether you love the displays of sage-grouse, want to protect grasslands, or pass your passion for birds and other wildlife to future generations, the Audubon Birdathon is a great opportunity to do something positive for the planet—and have fun doing it!

The Audubon Birdathon takes place over a week-long period, during which you’ll go outside and count as many different bird species as you can. Pick a 24-hour period over the course of the week to go birding, do a single morning or afternoon session, or head outside for an hour here or there. You can build a birding team online, gather teammates from anywhere around the country, or bird on your own. Visit our FAQs for more details. Not able to create or join a team? You can support us by donating to the Audubon Rockies Birdathon!

Any way you do it, every dollar you raise supports Audubon Rockies’ work in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. Using science, outreach, and policy, we holistically address the core threats facing birds in our region. We are an inclusive, nonpartisan bird conservation organization that collaborates with diverse stakeholders to find solutions that better birds and communities. We believe that where birds thrive, people prosper.

Beloved species like the Greater Sage-Grouse, Burrowing Owl, and Long-billed Curlew depend on our healthy shrublands, grasslands, and wetlands to survive. Our work helps make these important places more resilient for birds and people. You are doing a great thing by joining the Audubon Birdathon. 

Our Birdathon is dedicated to the Bayard “Bart” Rea family and in loving memory of Liz Rea, for their unwavering support of Audubon Rockies. Their generous funding and encouragement spanning 37 years helped us connect generations of families to the outdoors and birds through our award-winning Community Naturalist education program. The Rea family continues to play a vital role in our success in protecting birds and educating families. Thank you.