Award USA Challenge 100

Where do the funds raised go? 

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award will use #AwardChallenge100 funds to support its mission to provide access to the Award program to any young person ages 14-24 in the US who would like to participate. This can include volunteer training, outreach to schools and community organizations, Award program financial assistance and more.

What happens when I join or accept a campaign?

Your participant page will automatically be created for you, and you will have the opportunity to personalize it. In your participant center, you can use the built-in tools to recruit others, ask for donations and share updates directly through social media and email. This is also where you'll complete any specific activities that are part of the Campaign. Everything you do will automatically be tracked so you can earn points.

Do I have to do a challenge listed on the website, or can I create my own?

Your challenge can be whatever you want it to be – just make it 100. You can accept challenges other participants have created on the Challenge Ideas page, or make up your own. To create your own challenge, once you’re logged in, select “Design your own challenge” under “Get Started”. 

How do I earn points? 

The Award Challenge 100 will automatically awards you points for these activities:

  • 1 point every time your video is viewed
  • 1 point for every dollar you raise
  • 2 points for every dollar you donate 
  • 10 points every time you tweet or when someone retweets or favorites one of your tweets (Note: You must use the hashtag #AwardChallenge100 and must link your Twitter account.) 
  • 10 points every time you make an Instagram post (Note: You must link your Instagram account and initiate the post from Instagram using the hashtag.)
  • 10 points for each photo you add 
  • 20 points for each video you add 
  • 25 points for each person that accepts your invitation 
  • 50 points for each person you invited who completes a challenge (for challenges with required activities)

I collected cash and checks and I want it to show up in my fundraising. What do I do?

You can enter "offline gifts" in your fundraising center, which will show up in your fundraising totals. You have the option of paying for those donations with a credit card or sending the donations into the Award USA office.

Where can I mail donations?

Donations can be sent to our office: The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Attention: Award Challenge 100, 53 W Jackson Blvd. #1742, Chicago, IL 60604

How can I start the Award program or launch an Award Center?

So glad you asked! Learn more about starting your Award here.

If you want to rally a youth group, school, after school program, or faith community to run the Award, get more information here.

I have a question about the website. Who can I ask?

Contact us at