Getting Started 

If you haven’t started yet, make sure to download the Goosechase app and find THE HUNT using game code Z86D93. You can create an account or join as a guest, and then find your team name to get started! Connect with Bethany at if you have any issues getting online, finding your team, etc. 


Full Mission List - As a reference for those who want to see all the Missions listed out, we’ve pulled them together on this Google SheetNote that this list is comprehensive of the Missions at the start of THE HUNT, but may not be updated with Missions that are added later.

Please play fair and only submit photos and videos taken during THE HUNT (this year)–no scrolling back in your camera roll! At least one team member should be in each photo or video you submit.

Read the Instructions! - Make sure your photos/videos are in line with any instructions that are included in the Mission description (example: some photos must have an adult). We want everyone to have fun but also keep it fair, so if we see submissions that aren’t fully completing the Mission, we may ask you to go back and resubmit. Resubmitting Missions - Did you know you can resubmit Missions after you’ve already completed them? Whether you want to use a new picture or update for bonus points, you can resubmit anytime.

Be Safe, Be Kind, and Have Fun - As you head out HUNTing, just a reminder to be a good community member. Follow all rules and regulations in the spaces you visit. Check business hours, where applicable. Have fun, but make sure THE HUNT doesn't interfere with the enjoyment of others around you. Thanks for proudly representing BBBS in our community!


A great way to climb the Leaderboard (and make a difference!) is by fundraising. As a reminder, you don’t need to submit anything on Goosechase for your fundraising points. BBBS staff will manually enter those points each day, based on your OneCause fundraising totals.

An easy way to get started with fundraising is to create a Facebook Fundraiser, which can link to your OneCause page and automatically count your donations. To learn more about setting up a Facebook Fundraiser and entering other types of donations, check out our FAQ page.