Breast Reconstruction Awareness Close the Loop 5K 2022

Facebook fiend? Twitter titan? Insta-enthusiast?

You're in the right place! Here's how to turn your social media prowess into points and climb the leader board: start by linking your social media accounts to your #BRA5K page! Scoot your cursor over to your profile photo on the top right, click "Edit Profile," then scroll to the bottom to reach the "Social Accounts" section.

1 point every time your video is viewed 

1 point for every dollar you raise

2 points for every dollar you donate

10 points every time you tweet or when someone retweets or favorites one of your tweets (Note: You must use the hashtag #BRA5K and must link your Twitter account.)  

10 points every time you make an Instagram post (Note: You must link your Instagram account and initiate the post from Instagram using the hashtag #BRA5K.)

10 points for each photo you add 

20 points for each video you add

25 points for each person that accepts your invitation

How Points are Earned for Social Sharing


10 points for tweets, retweets & favorites.

Your user account must be linked, or Twitter and Profile names match exactly.

You can only initiate FROM Twitter using the hashtag #BRA5K.


10 points for posts. 

Your account must be linked, or names match exactly.

You can only initiate FROM Instagram using the hashtag #BRA5K.  

How Points are Tracked in Leader Boards

These are the four types of leader boards are included:

Overall Points Leader 

Recruiting Leader (recruiting others to join and complete activities) 

Social Media Leader (spreading the word through social media)  

Fundraising Leader (raising money) 

How Points are Used

Point totals allow you to see how you stack up against the friends in your network and also let you see how you compare to other participants and teams. Points encourage friendly competition for bragging rights.