Norton Children's Brave Hearts


Brave Hearts helps a community of families build relationships and bond in the most meaningful ways, whether facing similar struggles or celebrating triumphs. Through a variety of activities that take place throughout the year, families have the opportunity simply do life together. 

  • Camp Brave Hearts

    Being average doesn't seem like much to strive for, yet it can mean everything for children who yearn to do things that other kids do. Camp Brave Hearts gives these children that chance at Center for Courageous Kids in Scottsville, KY.

  • Family- fun activities and events 

    Scheduling a variety of events and activities throughout the year is one way both our Louisville and Bowling Green chapters can connect families to each other. From a family pot-luck picnic in the spring to a summer celebration and team bonding at Splash 'n' Dash in the summer to a special family fun night out at Festival Family Night, part of Festival of Trees & Lights, in the fall. 

    Stay tuned for more information on upcoming events and activities. 

  • Chapter Meetings 

    Both the Louisville and Bowling Green chapters host yearly meetings to review and plan for the year ahead. Additional meetings geared towards specific topics may also be scheduled by the direction of the chapter co-chairs and/or foundation liaisons.